A bridge in your personal consciousness

Behold .. the Father lives directly above thee in his unique individualization. He works towards your righteousness of mind .. and he quickens you into his everlasting vibratory Presence as you open thyself to receive of him.

Command thyself into His Holy Altar of Love and Mercy by understanding your personal relationship with the Good Parent of your existence; for ye are created to cooperate with God, to collaborate with Him, and to enter into this holy matrimony of eternal union one day at a time.

Again I say unto you .. believe as I believe. Live as I am living amongst you. Walk in this religious sacredness of knowing with your faith vision that God the Nameless One is with you at all times...

...that he is Individualized above you, aware of you, and is streaming his Immaculate Life Current ..  his Life Everlasting .. directly into your solar plexus so that you shall distribute this God Life of Himself throughout all thine field of life in the physical octave.

This association with God Individualized expands with your daily Prayerful Intimacy .. a bridge is created in your personal consciousness with your Individualized God Presence above. This daily activity of your Prayerful Intimacy with Gid Individualized shall offer him the opportunity to quicken thine mortal Life into greater union with Us.

Prayerful Intimacy gives to the Universal Father Spirit above thee a way to reach you in your mind, in the fullness of your feelings, and in the purifying activities of raising thine physical vessel into the resurrection and ascension.

Mine precepts of thine daily tenfold Prayerful Intimacy concentrates your attention of thought and feeling into these ten free will natural powers of your creative nature:

Intention of Vestments, Values, Virtues .. Invitational Adoration and Pure Worship .. Instruction of the Soul Receptacle .. Identification with the Individualized  Godhood Presence .. Inquiry of Fulfilling God's Law of Harmony .. Invisualizing Faith .. Imagination Trust .. Impregnation Breathing .. Invitational Decree .. Integration Atonement.

I come to extend to you the understanding wisdom of the Second Center and Divine Source of the Eternal Son of Trinity Paradise.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon