What you already have

Gratefulness .. I tell thee .. gratitude is the confirming decree of what you already have in your life. It is these inner impressions of the values and qualities of life which grow thine appreciation.

Gratitude delivers its participants towards the riches of health and wholeness, prosperity and well-being in all ways. Affirming what you have and hold in qualities and values, in material abundance and the riches of clear sightedness and a mind filled with peace .. these generate momentums of such tremendous wealth and untold opportunities.

Gratitude develops receptivity .. the self-made readiness to outpicture thine riches in mind and heart and matter, and to give and receive this abundance accordingly.

Gratitude elevates thine thoughts into appreciation and the recognition of what Is. Appreciate God's Life in you. Affirm his Presence; for you are each this Living Stream of God Life and Identity. His Impulse moves through you at all times. His Life Impulse generates those motivating desires that when placed into his constructive service bequeaths to its recipients all goodness, truth, and beauty.

Focus thine creative nature of thine Godhood upon the Truth. Amplify Truth I say unto thee rather than focusing upon the appearances of limitation and lack. Focus upon the goodness and the abundance that you already possess in thought, feeling, and material.

As you focus upon what you do have and not upon what you don’t already possess, then shall you gather more of this goodness unto thyself.

Our association raises thine thoughts into gratitude. Our association shifts thine inner thoughts from a fear of scarcity to a celebration of abundance.

Our apostleship beloveds quickens thine thought into truth and justice. It aligns you with God's great protective law and order. Gratitude induces humility, enables satisfaction, and moves us from a consciousness of “wanting to take” unto “wanting to give.” This change for the personality mind alters the course of your existence from living in a contracted state of obstructed radiation into becoming a Sun Presence of God's Radiation and emanation. Through this change that you allow and permit, he radiates through you unto all others, and you do receive of the benefits of this radiation.

Gratitude is a living doorway to a life of faith, trust, authenticity, genuine expression and experience, and joyfulness which hath no bounds.

I give unto thee courage to become his Self-directive Governing Force for all goodness, truth, and beauty to expand the Kingdom of His Supremacy and Righteousness .. his Sovereignty and Peace .. to all the kingdoms of the earth.

Michael Of Nebadon