Thine masculine current ... thine feminine current ...

Thine masculine current of expression acts through mind and thine feminine urge .. the feminine current .. acts through feelings or emotions which are of your human expression.

Yet .. until the personality is sufficiently transfigured, mind thoughts and emotions of feeling are not yet stable and reliable. These tend towards being the irrationally driven influences which cause your problems and struggle.  You should not believe in your own human mortal thoughts and feelings as of yet.

Instead .. I am teaching Mine apostolic associates of the University Of Salvington to  reach for thine Godhood above thee .. it is thine own Divinity residing nearby but through the earthly octaves beyond the chaos and confusion.

Verily do I say unto you .. grow awareness of thine Individualized God Life through Prayerful Intimacy each day.

Prayerful Intimacy is My Approach of Ascendancy for the individual personality mind to grow it's receptivity and revelation .. to ripen it's realization and relationship remembrance of God. To expand this Godhood into and throughout thine human experience.

Penetrate thy mortal self and its unstable feelings and thoughts which shall not be relied upon if you desire truth, beauty, and goodness to flourish in you.

Penetrate thine mortal vibratory imperfections with the God Governing Directive Force in you, and become the Sovereign Shepherd of Supremacy. Allow the Father's Vibratory Activities and Divine Intelligence to expand and clarify your human experience and expression. I teach thee to advance further thyselves through the simplicity of Prayerful Intimacy and Eternal Association. In this way shall you bring forth all peace and joyful fulfillment.

Trust in thine higher Mind of Christ .. and the loftier feelings of thine Christ Selfhood shall emerge with higher sensibilities, higher and more elevated thinking, higher and more refined constructive feelings. Thine Individualized Godhood emerges .. by applying the Tenfold Precepts of the Kingdom - Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized Kingdom of God.

Prayerful Intimacy of the Tenfold I's shall open thine Eyes of Eternity. Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Identity above you shall clarify righteous decisions .. responsible acting without the struggle of mistakes. It is the way of thy Second Birth Initiation into Personality Soul Immortality .. Universal Citizenship.

You shall not act from human reactions of feeling and the irrationally driven thoughts of mechanical and materialized and misqualified mind; for these influences are of your own  misqualifications from the lifetimes of exploration and experimentations with your creative nature and free will. These mortal influences are needing to become restructured into truth, and reordered into the New Order of Humanity through the gift of the  Transfiguration.

Michael Of Nebadon