The Private Dialogues of Christ Michael Of Nebadon

The Private Dialogues of Christ Michael Of Nebadon

Peace and goodwill to all here in Salvington

You each are encountering yourselves during these past days.

You are facing yourselves more directly...

This needs courage...

The courage to allow yourself to be just as you are.

Imperfect creatures working towards embodying more of the Nameless One

Our Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise are limitless .. and you each are encountering yourselves in much limitations

So you seem far away from God's unlimited Stature

How much Infinite Love are you willing to partake of?

I say .. give up your attempts to be someone with something

Your daily unfoldment of receptivity...

This is the area which you need to work on.

Only as you give everything to the Lord God of your being individualized and the infinite persons of the Trinity Fountainhead, only as you take nothing for yourself but give all to the nameless one then you will find your worthiness then you will open up the space inside of you to receive in much greater measure.

But you must be willing to end all pretensions, every vestige of your mind and energy that wants to pretend it has already arrived or pretend that you are already perfect or pretend that you know everything these things have to be transfigured in order to open to receive of God's infinite love.

I say to you each you must be willing to give all your love away to the god presence individualized above you and Beyond the chaos of the Earth. Possess nothing for yourself and recognize that God above you streaming into you possesses all things and this individualized portion of the infinite is still only a derivative of the infinite Paradise Fountainhead of Life.

Unworthiness and low self-esteem can only become transmuted through this prayerful intimacy of giving everything away to the god force your own I am and the great infinite I am that has brought forth your own God Individualization of Life.

And as you give all away and worship the Lord thy God In His Infinite stature.. loving him with everything .. all of your being .. only then will you feel the cool breeze of God's absolute caring reaching you, and you'll find that you have some realization of him, that you come to know his nature, that you in your stature as a creature begin to understand the magnitude of his love, which has no end .. for He/She is Limitless.

And through it all I walk with you in the absolute humiliation of embracing the darkness and density .. finding humility of emptiness .. by giving every credit and power and glory and honor to the almighty God.

In this we walk together .. I in the Comforter Spirit and also in My physicality here for the time being.

I say to you now.. give everything away to the Infinite God who is individualized above you residing in higher octaves .. beyond the Earth, but directly and  immediately accessible to you; for you are this streaming Life of his Consciousness ..  his energy ..  his substance .. which comes out of your own Godhood, and that Godhood comes out of the Infinite Fountainhead.

Thus, the only way to become free is not to try to become God here only .. but to give everything of your mortal nature to him through your own Individualization. Give it all away to him, and he will return it in good measure with infinite blessing.

Michael Of Nebadon