The next octaves of existence

The Atonement of the Kingdom of God in thine life and world shall foster for thee a completion .. it is the completion of the Plan of Salvation for human life to enter therein to its New Order of Personality. Ye shall develop and mature thyselves into the New Octaves wherein Harmony and Order exist for all creatures.

You shall become raised and refined into the next octaves of existence whereby the Father is more accessible to flow through you as you achieve the adventure of service expression. He is a Universal Spirit .. limitless in his Mercy and Love, and overflowing with Joyfulness and Happiness unending. He presses upon Me to make thee ready and willing .. receptive .. to partake of his Kingdom of bliss and happiness only as you align all things in you with the gift of his presence individualized above thee.

Verily do I share with you Mine brethren of this planetary civilization .. that I have entered into your earthly octaves as a physical creature just as you are here.

I am come to help you find the courage and conviction of faith and trust to step thee forth into the Atonement whereby ye become alike in your nature and character to thine Individualized Godhood directly above thee.

This Individualized God Essence is real .. eternally You .. more real and everlasting than you are whilst you traverse within the octaves of ephemerality here upon the earth.

The Plan of Salvation calls thee to progress further into your Freedom by becoming at one with the Godhood of thine own Individuality. And to attain to this great Spirit Advancement, ye shall adhere to the law, fulfilling the plan for your life, and learning to live in obedience with God's Will which desires for you limitless Harmony and Order; for the Universal Father desires to raise thee beyond the senseless chaos and disharmonies of the world society.

This Atonement comes through forgiveness and mercy .. understanding and knowledge of thine own individual place within the universes of My Father's Kingdom.

It is the demonstration of your mastery over all your personal soul energy and vibration, your willingness to cooperate, attune with the Father above thee by entering into his Prayerful Intimacy each day, and the natural reward is that ye shall live the will of God which is all Harmony and Order, Peace and Prosperity.

All Goodness, Truth, and Beautiful circumstance and environment does emerge for thee.

Verily, do I say unto thee Mine children .. you are learning the conscious use of thine creative nature and its powers to manifest circumstance and qualities in thine life.

These powers and this intelligence .. they are your gifts, and the righteous use and understanding of this creative nature which you are unfolding .. it is your birthright to develop and mature into fuller expression.

... the greater expression of the life more abundant and prosperous.

Michael Of Nebadon