The great relationship

With God the Father, sonship is the great relationship which ye shall enter into and grow by into your freedom of expression and existence.

With God the Supremacy of your own Christhood .. which you are becoming in actuality by thine daily exchanging into light thine vibratory activities .. achievement and advancement is the prerequisite to status; for you shall demonstrate the Ideal of the Paradise Primal Pattern of Initiatory Perfection.

Thine actual .. factual .. vibratory ascendancy of spirit attainment is thine entrance into God's Kingdom..

You are intended and designed to apply thyself with all knowledge and understanding, cooperation and collaboration .. the R's of God's Revelatory Remembrance of the Paradise Gods.

Ye must achieve your personality freedom and attain to thine individualized mastery by effort and demonstration .. determination and desire .. righteousness and remembrance .. rectitude and responsiveness .. recognition and responsibility .. receptivity and revelation.

Ye shall enter My Father’s Sovereignty through Attunement with God I AM Individualized above thee and streaming His Life Energies and Consciousness into your physical conditions and body; for in truth .. you are His Formless Immaculate Conception .. His Luminosity of Consciousness .. His Stream of Everlasting Life.

These are yet a few of Mine Comforter Spirit Endowments which shall give you Faith conviction .. truth hunger .. a sustainable trajectory unto your own Individualized Godhood.

I come to raise the weary ones into righteousness and remembrance .. responsibility and a God responsiveness which carries them into their graduation ceremony of the Immortality of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon