The gentle ones of the world

Verily, I speak to the gentle ones of the world .. they who caress wisdom and intelligence .. as if they are holding the soft warm body of a newborn babe who hath recently entered upon the world stage . . .

I bring thee a Vision of Paradise, and yet, fear in the mind shall always cause thine capacities to blur.

Fear in thoughts doth make the vision falter and sway into delusion.

Violence in the heart occupied with the torments of lust, anger, envy, and selfishness .. these misqualified momentums of thought and emotion shall cause a discoloration of Mine Vision in the heart belonging to the materializing influences of this world misperception.

Instead, I come to return thee to the noble qualities of thine Godhood.

Beyond the tempestuous rebelliousness of a mind steeped in fear and doubt .. there are pastures of glory .. fields of exquisitely poised motivations .. luminous ways of living thine life which raiseth up all motivations inundated by weakened faith and the stale trust unexercised for centuries of lifetimes.

Indeed, there is misery which plagueth the kingdoms of earth .. even moreso than all other epochs which have passed and are now sunken beneath the oceans of the world.

I sayeth to the thirsty ones who seek to reckon their errors into harmony and the absoluteness of order.. character shall be groomed and grown into its designed nobility .. character maketh life everlasting with divine dominion and the services of a universe adventure untold.

Character in the personality soul weaves it's lush odors and its plentiful harvest in the personality who develops this charm of understanding the heartbeat of eternity.

Character is power and glory. It is the foundation of all thought. Character is the driving power and goodly force which defines all men and women .. which refines all decisions and upholds all acquisitions.

Character shall prevail in thine personality beyond the scope of this ephemeral episode which some have erroneously termed life; for I say unto you .. the Life is God .. the Life is Omnipotence and Changeless Glory .. the Life is You beyond the primitive urges and solitary tendencies. Life is glorious and undefined by mortal thinkings. Life hath no limitations nor hath It conditions.

Without a flawless character .. wealth dissipates, and education starves the personality mind.

Character giveth fragrance to the flowers, it amplifies value into all thine acquisitions, and character nourishes purpose and meaning and offers worth unto every mortal decision and personally motivating impulse.

I bid thee character .. a flawless and purified  character upheld by thine divinity and built upon the Values of Our Remembrance.

Michael Of Nebadon