Simply those misaligned qualities

Misqualification is simply those misaligned qualities of imperfection which are generated by imperfect human thinking and feeling and acting. It is a misuse of the God Life which is continually being given to you to utilize by your own Individualized Godhood Identity above thee.

These misqualities cause a misalignment from the Divine harmony and order and happiness which God is attempting to extend to human life simply by His streaming forth of his Presence into your human heart.

Misqualities are misalignments which are simply sin or error. Sin is not the effect of a defective nature but rather the offspring of an undeveloped mind and will .. yet it is still the byproduct of a  knowing mind which has allowed itself to become dominated by its lesser values and erroneous virtues and unresolved lesser nature. It is the result of an unsubmissive, disobedient mind and heart, and a rebellious will untamed by the disciplines of our association and apostleship together.

God by his very eternal immaculate nature has already forgiven any misqualification but you each must forgive it on your side of life in order to learn from your errors and grow a character of contriteness and honesty, respect and accountability for your own creative nature.

God has forgiven, yet it is necessary by law that ye make such forgiveness personally available to you by the act of forgiving yourself through the R's of remembrance and responsibility and relationship.

When you forgive yourself by perceiving rightly your mistakes and errors, then the law is fulfilled and you can have it erased by your own Godhood.

You create the receptivity and the individual capacity in your own personality mind and soul for the reception of the reality of God’s forgiveness of your own misdeeds. You become receptive to receive his already given forgiveness.

Michael Of Nebadon