I AM Returned to Thee

The University Of Salvington is My Planetary Campus and Spiritual Retreat for My apostles of the world civilization and human race. Those individuals who have made themselves respectful and receptive to advance their universe career into the Kingdom of Everlasting Life.

...for each personality who learns to govern and direct themselves constructively, and who is wholeheartedly willing to live My Father’s Will .. to align with the Trinity Persons of Paradise .. these ones shall place upon their human mortality .. the Immortal Garment of Living Light.

I am come back into thine planetary pastures to gather those personalities who have made themselves respectful and receptive to Me.

I am a Sovereign Universe Father Son who cares for you each .. and I desire devotedly that you be given safe opportunity to advance thine universe career.

I come to give you the understanding knowledge of My Way .. the Father’s Way .. the Way and Truth that I AM.

Gather thine desire for advancement of ascendancy into Universal Citizenship.

Universal Citizenship is your Second Birth into the Eternal Life Everlasting.

Read Mine Words. Study My Paradise Precepts. Apply Mine Knowledge of Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Identity above you.

Taketh Mine Universal Hand of Mercy, and I shall reveal to you the Way of your Freedom.

I Love you each .. and thine advancement is absolutely essential to the advancement of our Universal Home.

I sayeth unto thee .. through Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Presence above thee so shall you find entrance into My Universal Family of Nebadon .. this is thine gift of the Father of Eternity .. that you each have a portion of himself .. that you are becoming in actuality and actualization him in finite stature .. for each personality soul is an expression of this Individualization of the Christ I AM.

Verily do I reveal to you each .. that I AM the Interdimensional and Individualized Life of God the Father and God the Son .. the Totality of the Universal Christ Supremacy of Michael Of Nebadon.

I am here within the service of expressing through the use of this physical form .. to give you of My teaching instructions for you to advance thyselves by entering into  the Kingdom of thine Father's Life.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon