Open window

God's Holy Light abounds with his joyfulness and happiness. Thine Godhood Individualized is the closest and dearest open window to access these great qualities of thine God Life.

Our Father’s Initiatory Thought Blueprint is one aspect of our Ideal together. His Thought is the Paradise Pattern of Perfection which every creature shall aspire towards.

The First Person of the Father is the way and truth while the Second Person of the Mother Son is the Revelatory Word of the Father's Initiatory Thought .. of God's Personality of Perfection.

The Primal Originating Mother Son administers and demonstrates the way to access and become alike to the Father’s nature and divine identity Ideal in personality and individualized uniqueness of thy personhood.

...and it is the Preparatory Act of the Third Person of God the Immaculate Spirit who prepares thee to become as the First Father in your personality character and consciousness.

...and as ye allow thine Godhood to reach you purely, then shall his Holy Light of Harmony and Justice .. Order and Perfect Peace .. overflow to create your world in his image and likeness.

Prayerful Intimacy of Invitation

"I AM Perfect Order and Primordial Peace, Paradise Perfection is now Released."

Christ Michael Of Nebadon