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Thine masculine current ... thine feminine current ...

The Vision of Eternity

The Private Dialogues of Christ Michael Of Nebadon

Ye shall know him

The next octaves of existence

You bypass physical body death

I AM Returned to Thee

Forgiveness Flame

Thine entrance into the Kingdom

Sacred Heart of Love

Thine Inheritance of God

Open window

Thine own Life


Prayerful Intimacy is the Daily Embracing Eternity Empowerment

Shine brightly

I AM Crystalline Purity

The great relationship

What you already have

The gentle ones of the world

Simply those misaligned qualities

Holds open the doorway into Light and Life

Consecrates all thine time and space

I extend to you each

That Everlasting Communion

So shall you become

Me with you at all times

God's Immaculate Unconditional Love