To thine own Selfhood be True

As humankind understand themselves, and appreciate the values of their fellow men and women, there will arise value for the Original Personality of the Trinity Persons.

Our avenues of approach into the ascendancy of God the Supreme stimulate an earnestness to become God-knowing and God-Identifying and God-becoming in personality nature, attributes, and attitudes.

To raise the standards for living your life, and to become alike to Him who is thine Sovereign Source, is the preeminent drive .. the pure force of love .. and the overriding purpose. As you become alike to the Original Personality of the Universal Absoluteness, you will experience that your residence is in him and of him. Your destiny is also in him and of him. His nature is for you to emulate and adore .. to become in every way.

Thine daily satisfactions and happiness shall be immersed in this emulation, adoration, and transmutation into the divinity nature; there is a preparation necessary to raise thine life into the higher life and the more abundant landscape of the eternal worlds.

Our Salvington educational fellowship prepares the individual for actualization in these higher ideals. The vastness of the universes are a testing ground for the maturing of personality. Personality perfecting implies that each individual is destined to unveil and become their purest identity, the enhancement of knowledge of consciousness .. consciousness of consciousness, the development of mind, the growth of character, the eternalizing of will, and the actualization of personhood through self revelation and realization .. responsibility and respect .. rectitude and responsiveness to the Infinite Intelligence Circuits of the Trinity Persons.

Michael Of Nebadon