The Galaxies are My Universal Body

Walk thou within My Universal Sovereignty. Follow My way and approach to the Kingdom of the Father’s Life. The Father’s Initiatory Thought is everything and everywhere. His Thought is the Conceiving of Immaculate Life.

Enter .. thou My children .. enter his perpetual communion. Give thyself to him who lives in thee. My Tenfold Precepts of Our Prayerfulness Intimacy shall quicken all thine personality substance .. thine personal field of consciousness .. into the Immortal Reality which is your heavenly Father.

I give to My apostles of the 21st century the precepts of our ascendancy association together.

Seek understanding. Open to value knowledge. Live the virtuous life whereby you cultivate pure worshipful adoration. Enhance thine wisdom. Collaboration with Me will counsel you into divine purpose and meaning .. direction and achievement.

These are of the Universe Mother Spirit. Courage is necessary to face yourself just as you are. Place no idols before the Father’s Immaculate Conception of you.

Learn of My Father’s Life who lives in your own spiritual heart and mortal mind. As you open in heart and mind to receive, then shall you develop intimacy with the Paradise Trinity Parenthood.

I have returned to you Mine children .. together we are creating the bridge of consciousness for all the kingdoms of the planet.

And as you abide with obedience in My doctrine of eternity, so shall I raise thee with My Universal Touch.

Michael Of Nebadon