Not a one will be left apart

Come .. come unto Salvington .. for I AM offering to each personality upon the planet earth a resting place of learning and development, an oasis of making contact and connection with the Joys of Spirit and the Host of Heaven .. the Governing Body of Angels and Masters Ascended who are presently give their lives to the kingdoms of life upon the earth .. so that not a one will be left apart from the great Ocean of God's Loving Heart.

At Salvington .. My retreat and Seminary shall elevate your frequency into receptivity and honor, dignity and awe inspiring wonder for the vast Life which is present all around thee.

Thine awakening growth of the potentials in you and with the Universal Father wherein ye shall make thyself prepared and ready for the more abundant life everlasting by preparing for the Second Birth into Full Light, the restoration of your faculties, and the gifts of service for the planet which allow the flowing of the Infinite Love to move through you as you give yourself to the aid of all the body of God.

Our University Of Salvington is a Mystery School revealed and given to humanity for the next 2,000 years of development, although certainly this planet will become raised upwards into its fuller Light and Life, and our School of Immaculate Learning shall be the University of wisdom, illumination, and ascendancy for all the Kingdoms of the earth to come together and learn of their inheritance in the great Trinity Relationship.

Michael Of Nebadon