Also lives in thee

Beloved ones of God determination .. the God Life of the Universal Spirit who dwells personally at the Fountainhead of Existence .. also lives in thee .. as thine own individualized Life.

Yet, you shall expand presence in you through righteousness of character and responsibility of mind. Respect for the God Life generates an advancement of ascendancy into the new order for humanity .. the new and awakened levels of human growth growth and life.

Bring him forth in you. Expand his Kingdom with your attentiveness of thought .. your prayerfulness of heart and mind and body. Enter into our association of ascendancy with Me by your precious desire .. your personality desire and divinely inspired devotions to perfect thineself into the greater and more abundant life in the Universal Absolute Father Spirit.

Mine precepts do instruct you into our Prayerful Intimacy which is giving thyself to the Living Lord of your own God Force .. thine own Godhood and Life which is his Indwelling Presence Individualized.

He is destiny and destination for each personality soul to experience by attainment of certain vibratory activities and Influences of Infinity which you shall achieve according to your wholehearted intelligent willingness of decisions and determinations of heart . . .

Our University of Salvington Planetary Campus and its Colleges of Illumination bring wisdom and knowledgeable understanding to the individual who participates in their ascending educational fellowship with Me.

Michael Of Nebadon