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Actively advancing

Mine apostolic associates of the University Of Salvington are actively advancing into Cosmic Christ Citizenship.
Salvington University and the Seven Sacred Colleges of Salvington deliver the human personality into their own Godhood by teaching Prayerful Intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Deity.
This is the oft-misunderstood Kingdom of Heaven awakened in the heart and mind and body of the individual personality soul.
The earth has chosen to advance herself beyond the limitations of the frequency vibration in which you dwell.
And it is the right and power of each person to decide whether they want to advance with her or be removed and translated onto another evolutionary progression on a different planet which we have prepared.
Thine association with Us requires your allegiance and acceptance.
Michael Of Nebadon

I reveal Myself to thee

Verily do I reveal Myself to thee now. I am the Interdimensional Stream of Christ Michael Of Nebadon.
I am presently expressing in a multitude of places through a variety of My Personal Aspects of Expression in this Existence.
I come into view here and now with My earth Aspect. I am laying down the educational fellowship structured by which you will learn and grow into Gods. You will awaken one day upon the shores of the Immortal Reality whereby you are established in your Cosmic Citizenship.
Michael Of Nebadon

Not a one will be left apart

Come .. come unto Salvington .. for I AM offering to each personality upon the planet earth a resting place of learning and development, an oasis of making contact and connection with the Joys of Spirit and the Host of Heaven .. the Governing Body of Angels and Masters Ascended who are presently give their lives to the kingdoms of life upon the earth .. so that not a one will be left apart from the great Ocean of God's Loving Heart.
At Salvington .. My retreat and Seminary shall elevate your frequency into receptivity and honor, dignity and awe inspiring wonder for the vast Life which is present all around thee.
Thine awakening growth of the potentials in you and with the Universal Father wherein ye shall make thyself prepared and ready for the more abundant life everlasting by preparing for the Second Birth into Full Light, the restoration of your faculties, and the gifts of service for the planet which allow the flowing of the Infinite Love to move through you as you give yourself…

To lead thee

Verily do I share with thee .. I am come back into thine fold .. to lead thee into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and remembrance. I and the Mother with the Host come to make thine way smoother to the Universal Father Spirit who is thine own Life and Godhood.
Michael Of Nebadon

Also lives in thee

Beloved ones of God determination .. the God Life of the Universal Spirit who dwells personally at the Fountainhead of Existence .. also lives in thee .. as thine own individualized Life.
Yet, you shall expand presence in you through righteousness of character and responsibility of mind. Respect for the God Life generates an advancement of ascendancy into the new order for humanity .. the new and awakened levels of human growth growth and life.
Bring him forth in you. Expand his Kingdom with your attentiveness of thought .. your prayerfulness of heart and mind and body. Enter into our association of ascendancy with Me by your precious desire .. your personality desire and divinely inspired devotions to perfect thineself into the greater and more abundant life in the Universal Absolute Father Spirit.
Mine precepts do instruct you into our Prayerful Intimacy which is giving thyself to the Living Lord of your own God Force .. thine own Godhood and Life which is his Indwelling Presence Indi…

Once again

I have come once again. Remembrance of Me shall be given thee by the Spirit of the Father indwelling thine persona. He brings you to Me, and I do carry you to Him.
Our eternal fellowship prospers without end. Ye shall be raised by your determination for truth, and ye shall findeth your reward delivered by faith and trust.
These are yet a few of Mine precepts.
Michael Of Nebadon

As ye come to know him

God is the Initiatory Thought of existence .. the First and only Idea and the living Ideal.
And as ye come to know him and to become alike to his nature .. then shall you attain consciousness of him, consideration of his way, cooperation with his law of order and harmony, collaboration with his will and divine impulse.
I sayeth to Mine apostles who have declared their wholehearted willingness to cooperate and collaborate with My Father’s Life .. enter daily his communion, be always vigilant of realizing truth from ephemeral falsehoods, achieve the graduation ceremony of Universal Citizenship bringing immortality and eternal ascendancy and communion association with Us.
Michael Of Nebadon

Harmony and happiness for you

Behold .. the Living God hath residence in thee. He dwells in thine midst, and his will is harmony and happiness for you.
Gather thine intention built by the values of eternity. Enter thine ascendancy with Me. The Way is made clear and available for all who are athirst for purity and righteousness. The Truth is Absolute and Objectivity itself.  The Life is thine very own Godhood and its actualizing potentials are thine destiny.
Michael Of Nebadon

Prayerful Intimacy

Verily .. do I teach ye to give thyself to the Spirit of God in you who is thine Life and Consciousness. Through our Prayerful Intimacy with the Paradise Trinity Parenthood, you shall enter the Kingdom of his loving heart.
The Father’s Initiatory Life .. his Kingdom of Mercy .. cometh in radiance and generosity .. gentleness and kindness.
This Kingdom of Light and Life delivers thee into righteousness and remembrance of thine destiny as the  Sovereign Shepherd of the universes.
The Kingdom of His Sovereignty awaits thine advancement of ascendancy.
Michael Of Nebadon

Purpose and purity

Mortal comprehension needs a framework from which to work. I present to you our ideal .. it's purpose and purity.
Understanding comes to the individual only as you embrace your mortality. Embrace your limitations with love and mercy. God is Infinitely Personal and beyond. He has sent a drop of his Life to you as your existence.
Verily, are ye maximizing your existence? Are ye amplifying your existence of the One God Life? Are ye allowing the Life of God to unfold in you?
Michael Of Nebadon

You are each

You are each the unfolding and actualizing personalities of God the Supremacy. As you unfold your unfathomable nature, so does this finite expression of the Infinite One actualize himself.
The Almighty Supremacy is a living, evolving, actualizing Deity whose body is the known and unknown creation. He is a Deity of power and poise, personality and destiny. While his destiny is this transcendent perfection, his present experience comprises the aspects of growth and ripening development.
Verily, be thou unfolding thine nature in the Supremacy of God...
Michael Of Nebadon

Awakened in thee

My Protective Care is awakened in thee as you bear witness to Truth Everlasting .. and as ye carry thine burden of personality misqualified momentums into the illuminated cross of the transfiguration.
Now, shall you fulfill the greater purpose and the higher calling. You are walking within My Care as you birth Understanding Wisdom through the embracing of eternity; as this embrace shall give thee permanent entrance into the Father's Life and Kingdom.
Michael Of Nebadon

Physical body death

Physical body death will not advance you beyond where you find yourself today. God the Infinite Person of Deity gives each personality mind opportunities for advancement .. openings for accelerated growth and development.
Thine greatest opportunity is here and now...
Michael Of Nebadon

Personal transfiguration

This evolutionary progression in personality mind and soul development blossoms in our association together bringing personal transfiguration .. resurrection of all mortality .. and the personality ascendancy into Immortality for the individual who dedicates themselves to truthfulness and the will of the Heavenly Father.
This is the supreme goal of all achievements and earthly adventures in awakening upon the cosmic shores of Universal Citizenship.
Michael Of Nebadon


Behold .. the Father’s Kingdom is at hand .. immediately and imminently. Enter thou child of the universes by your choices and deliberations of love.
Michael Of Nebadon

World of appearances slowly break down

As the surrounding world of appearances slowly break down into chaos.. reach thou child .. reach for the stabilizing influences of Mine Comforter Spirit.
Reach for the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother and the Planetary Administration.
Then, reach for and adore with all your heart and body and mind the I dwelling Father’s Spirit and Life.
Michael Of Nebadon

Thine potentials becometh actualities

As ye unfold thine human life .. thine potentials becometh actualities of merit and experience.
In your personality actualization is the advancing and emerging Supremacy of God awakening. His ascendancy depends upon your unfoldment of all potentialities into actual life experiences .. consciousness .. and Convergence of matter, mind, soul, and spirit divinity.
Michael Of Nebadon

Thou burgeoning son and daughter

Thou burgeoning son and daughter of the Eternal Parenthood of God ...
Invisualization of Faith is the alchemical lubricant which smoothes out your life and world.
Imagination Trust is the transmutative agent responsible for delivering to you the salvation of the ages.
At University Of Salvington, our vision of salvation is of the Trinity Host.
This vision awakens limitless understanding and keen knowledge of the way that the Personhood of God works in the universe of universes.
Michael Of Nebadon

To thine own Selfhood be True

As humankind understand themselves, and appreciate the values of their fellow men and women, there will arise value for the Original Personality of the Trinity Persons.
Our avenues of approach into the ascendancy of God the Supreme stimulate an earnestness to become God-knowing and God-Identifying and God-becoming in personality nature, attributes, and attitudes.
To raise the standards for living your life, and to become alike to Him who is thine Sovereign Source, is the preeminent drive .. the pure force of love .. and the overriding purpose. As you become alike to the Original Personality of the Universal Absoluteness, you will experience that your residence is in him and of him. Your destiny is also in him and of him. His nature is for you to emulate and adore .. to become in every way.
Thine daily satisfactions and happiness shall be immersed in this emulation, adoration, and transmutation into the divinity nature; there is a preparation necessary to raise thine life into the higher …

Diversity within Unity

I come into the world to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.
This gospel is the express understanding of the Trinity Source Parenthood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the universes.
That you are each a child of this great Parenthood, and that you are made in the nature and likeness of the Trinity Source.
That God is Sovereign throughout the universes .. and that you have a purpose in him to fulfill .. a direction towards her to unfold .. a destination to arrive at .. and a destiny to achieve.
…and these things are already laid out for you. You must only seek understanding confidence through faith and trust in the Universal Absoluteness Of God.
You are to unveil thine uniqueness as an individual .. thereby becoming his Personalization. This is the Second Birth through the doorway of Universal Citizenship.
Michael Of Nebadon

Give not thine mortal advising

Give not thine mortal advising to your brothers and sisters as they open into their heartfelt sharing.
Be not as the heathens of civilization who have become gross and opinionated of mind. Yet, give of thine love of compassionate listening and thine humility of learning from one another.
Receive one another, and as you receive each to another, so shall you receive of Me.
I say unto you who are prone to attain your freedom through joy and service .. the purity of thine prayerfulness shall raise thee beyond the animal urgings and inclinations of bodily tendencies. The physical bodies are the temples of the living God. And as you receive one another in unconditional acceptance and adoring appreciation of this spirit-filled temple .. so do you expand the Father’s Kingdom of Freedom.
Michael Of Nebadon

The Galaxies are My Universal Body

Walk thou within My Universal Sovereignty. Follow My way and approach to the Kingdom of the Father’s Life. The Father’s Initiatory Thought is everything and everywhere. His Thought is the Conceiving of Immaculate Life.
Enter .. thou My children .. enter his perpetual communion. Give thyself to him who lives in thee. My Tenfold Precepts of Our Prayerfulness Intimacy shall quicken all thine personality substance .. thine personal field of consciousness .. into the Immortal Reality which is your heavenly Father.
I give to My apostles of the 21st century the precepts of our ascendancy association together.
Seek understanding. Open to value knowledge. Live the virtuous life whereby you cultivate pure worshipful adoration. Enhance thine wisdom. Collaboration with Me will counsel you into divine purpose and meaning .. direction and achievement.
These are of the Universe Mother Spirit. Courage is necessary to face yourself just as you are. Place no idols before the Father’s Immaculate Conception …