Thirsty personalities

The world is teeming and filled with thirsty personalities .. hungered souls .. aspiring wills .. determined individuals .. who are starving for knowledge and understanding of our God principles and everlasting precepts.

They search outside and away from themselves in erroneous submission to false authorities of the world civilization.

Souls are searching in desperate measures for the bread of life. Personality quivers at the thought of giving itself away to another or some pathway, yet the Kingdom of God is achieved through cooperation with the Host of Heaven .. collaboration with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise .. concentration of religious righteousness in developing character and consciousness.

Men and women seek for the treasures of the Holy Grail of understanding by which they can feed themselves with the enlightened manna from the heavens .. yet God the Father has bestowed himself in thine midst all along.

With yearning hearts and minds made receptive, the populace seeks the Kingdom of Heaven while all along this Kingdom is closer than hands and feet .. more available than entrance into any city or nation. Ye are all within the living grasp of God's immediacy and imminent presence through the powers of your faith and trust.

Invisualization Faith brings an alchemical union with the Father.  Imagination Trustworthiness refines the religious relationship so greatly in that you are given with this trusting an empowerment to penetrate the veils of density and to orchestrate for thyselves the attainment of your intimacy of divinity.

Now are ye obediently walking within My Universal Sovereignty and Supremacy in your soul advancement towards perfection of personality attunement and atonement with Me.

Michael Of Nebadon