Thirst for Truth Everlasting

Thine life attitudes are derived from the inner foundations which you cultivate. Cultivate self-honesty and contriteness of heart and mind and body. These shall elevate thine mind towards receptivity to Truth Absolute.

...and it is the hunger for Truth which makes all the difference.

Your thirst for Truth generates priorities of purpose and purity.

The desire for Truth is your urge of mind .. your tendency of heart. They who have no desire to penetrate themselves to discover Truth shall become materialized into matter.

I say to thee .. raise thine sights .. thine standards .. and thine sincerity.

Now, are ye advancing forward in evolutionary progression as an individual personality. You are building the inner impulse to find the nature of the Universal Absoluteness.

Contemplate and consider what I share with you.  Allow My Consciousness to penetrate you .. and Impregnate you with renewal of mind and a regeneration of thine holy heart.

Michael Of Nebadon