Shall I reveal

Verily, shall I reveal to My apostles the empowerment which raises you into Prayerful Intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Deity.

God is Infinitely Personal .. unavoidably intimate. He dwells in you, and simultaneously at the Central Source .. his Paradise Abode.

Enter into the Father's Life, and ye shall know him more intimately .. profoundly .. immediately. Sense his divine presence here and there .. yet he lives in you.

Access to his imminent presence of spirit is immediately accessible to every son and daughter of morality and receptivity.

Rejoice thou child of the universes .. be assured that the Universal Father is a Personhood.

Through thine Invisualization Faith and Imagination Trust will you unveil him to thyself. By faith you shall accept the truth that the First Creative Center and Divine Source provides for you a way to reach him, to know him, to become at one with him. He delights in the creature’s deliverance unto righteousness and rectitude, revelation and respect, responsibility and receptivity.

And upon that day when you have finally transmuted yourself into capacity to reach Paradise .. ye shall know My Father and Yours.

Michael Of Nebadon