Self Rule

Free and Liberated Sons and Daughters of God

Verily do I say to My apostles of ascendancy .. achievement in the Kingdom of My Father God is not by force nor outer accomplishments.

It is attained by your self rule, by your conquering of character weakness, by your self-forgetfulness and sincere worship, and verily by your vigilance of the onslaught of selfishness and insincerity.

In My Father’s Kingdom .. Sovereignty shall be established in you; a sovereignty that brings order and harmony .. peace and inward prosperity of heart .. and the tranquility of mind.

A new creature shall emerge in you .. one who is tempered by truthfulness .. love of the indwelling presence of the Father in you. Our association shall transform you first through relationship with My Spirit of Truth and with the Universe Mother Spirit.

A soul personality of immense receptivity will blossom and fructify .. and this transfiguration shall strengthen the soul tendencies for this uncompromising Truth which I shall make known to you as you are desirous of our discipleship.

The renewal of mind and feelings and priorities will overwhelmingly conquer your obstructions to loving freedom .. and this renewal of thought and feeling shall remake you closer into the identity .. the image and likeness .. and the impulses of the Father’s Life dwelling in you.

You are each gifted with the endowments of this indwelling Will of Paradise which shall blend and unite with you only as you give over your tendencies for control and coersion.

The power and intensified reality of the assurance of God’s love shall regenerate all that hinders you from your accomplishments in the Universal Father Spirit.

Certainty and confidence shall swell as the joyous attainment of your intimacy with the Paradise Trinity Absoluteness becometh instituted.

God’s graciousness and his acceptable, perfected will indwelling you shall expand his Kingdom and eternalize your personhood.

Ye shall know more completely the Paradise Parenthood of God, and the Personhood of the Father shall become absolutely adored by those who are wholehearted and willing to allow these changes to occur.

…and as you partake of the divine presence and nature of God, your faith Invisualization shall open your eye of faith-realization.

Trustworthy Imagination will become heightened. Your personal faithful intimacy with the Infinite shall invoke receptivity that ignites your transfiguration .. your transformation through the spirit of God will make of thee free and liberated sons and daughters of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon