Our Future Generations of Humanity

All future generations shall know of this time that we are walking together in the vulnerability of Truth and Love.

They shall discover that I have offered to thee My everpotent Spring of Life Eternal while many have laid asleep in immaturity and rebelliousness.

They shall knoweth of the absolute radiance of our joy in this mutuality of togetherness which we share. The buoyance of God shall elevate thine soul mind into the greater and more affluent life of consciousness within the Totality.

Future generations shall know that I had returned .. just as I said that I would. They shall wonder if they were part of us during this time. If the luminosity of God's radiance touched them through My Comforter Spirit Presence shall they ponder quietly.

Verily, I say to Mine apostolic associates .. develop your strength of discipleship in our discipline of intimacy with the Infinite Intelligence. Mature thine character choices ..  so alive shall you become that God's Word is  becoming visible in your spirit perception and eternal insight capacity.

Future generations shall know also the authorship for their lives in the omnipotent presence of God the Father.  They shall come to view degeneration, disease, and death as a mistaken preponderance caused by misunderstandings and misidentifications of heart.

The generations coming upon the world stage in the next millenia shall read of our exalted mission together .. they shall see that you each came forth during this tenure .. to ripen thine righteousness of character, to mature thine momentums, to cleanse thine atrocities of disloyalty and ill devised allegiance with the ephemeral appearances of materialization.

Future generations shall wonder what it was like to walk again with the Universe Creator Father Son who had come to teach and invigorate .. to instill and bring insight to the minds of ephemeral mortality. Families shall read Mine words now placed upon the electronic scrolls of the civilization. They shall come to study together in unity and the uplifting penetrations of mercy and forgiveness.

Generation after generation shall become nonplussed by the courage you each held in your seeking God, and in discovering Him to be the very Life with thee.

Our religious spirituality is throbbing with new life and determinations of destiny.  It is breaking cleanly away from the meagerness and poverty of mental judgements and prideful prejudice which has acted as a virus .. a cancerous growth within the body of the civilization I AM.

All kingdoms upon the earth shall hear and know of My Father’s gospel truth of living, behaving, discovering, and finding the true value and victory of living your life in the flesh; that you are designed and destiny to augment your mortal experience with the Second Birth of Universal Citizenship. And that this achievement must be had by your encouraging decisions and courageous choices to walk the higher way and the more exalted and elevated approach of entering the Universal Kingdom of My Father God.

Offer not self-pity to the troubled ones of your civilizing society. Console them not with sympathetic disempowerment. Arise beyond the decrepitating material influences of mere fellowship with misery and error. Catapult thine world into the manifestation of God's luminosity and the mastery of his increasingly established Kingdom of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon