Opens the channels

Our heavenly association opens the channels of receptivity in the personality mind .. evolving the mortal mind into a soul receptacle which is ready and willing to walk the distance with Me into eternal freedom.

I come in this manner of simplicity which is well under the radar of world critics and those personas who are believing their own preconceivings even more than My actual fact.

I return to gather Mine apostles who have been awaiting Me .. they have readied themselves with their purest of desires for everlasting freedom. The others of the civilization shall wait a very long time before I am willing to return again, if ever. They shall be blissfully unaware of My coming and going.

I say to those who shall read these words which I am laying down within the records of humanity .. be ye of a mind with Our eternal purpose. Believe not in your own opinions and subjectivity, yet you shall release yourself from the imprisonment of mortal conceivings and incorrect conclusions. Only in this way shall there unfold in you the opportunity to establish yourself in octaves greater and more abundant.

I say to you with an emblazoned heart of readiness and sincerity .. gather thine attentions .. exalt thine eternal purpose .. elevate thine character .. impregnate thyself with the Life Spirit living in thee.

Our association together fuses permanently the mortal selfhood with the Impersonal Spirit of destiny. You are preparing for the advent of alignment and adoration .. acknowledgement and allowances of tolerance and understanding generosity .. as you bequeath thineself within the everpresent circuits of divinity.

I am come .. the Universal Vine of the Father Son in creation .. to give thyself opportunity .. to cause ye to partake of the exaltation of wisdoms and wonders. I am the One who shall deliver thee into the Hands of glory and honor.
I am the giver of the Father's greater Life which you receive only as you grow in capacities and receptivities .. in maturity of humility and the blessing of childlike awe and Absolute wonder; for the attenuations of all misqualification shall precedence any advancements that you attain to.

And through it all, I shall be the One walking with you each and every moment along your way into mastery.

Michael Of Nebadon