Omnipresent in all parts

The Universal Father is omnipresent in all parts, and in every galaxy and universe. All at the same time, God the Infinite Person of existence dwells in his everywhereness.

The Nameless One is simultaneously present in the heaven of heavens, and upon the earth. He has gifted each and every creature with his spirit which is the living destiny of each individual personality.

Breathe him in. Allow his indwelling presence to expand into your human experience by placing your awareness upon him in faith Invisualization and Imagination trust. Then, the Spirit of God shall find his entrance into your human experience through this Prayerful Intimacy with his Infinity.

Day by day ye shall arrive upon his recognizable shores of joy and blissful happiness. Moment by moment shall you re weave the tapestries of consciousness into his glory and honor.

Blessed are you who seek salvation through the graduation ceremony of Universal Citizenship; the advancing and aspiring and arising personality of forgiveness shall become his instrument in the unfoldment of the Kingdom of His Eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon