My benevolence

My benevolence I give humbly to those individuals who are willingly devoted to realizing truth, and becoming the nature of God's qualities of giving generosity and tender loving care to all sentient life.

Verily, the Universal Source is alive in everything.  His everywhereness is all-permeating. God is everywhere present, and it is your prerogative to find him in you .. to realize him as the Life of God I AM, and to become in thine mortal expression just as he Is in his Infinity.

My precepts offer to you Mine way and truth and life. These precepts show you how to grow character and awaken righteousness.  Mine Intimacy of Prayerfulness, personality communion with his spirit presence, and the preparation for eternal life everlasting .. these are a few of My commandments.
I am directed from the Trinity Source to give the greater abundance of consciousness and life unto those personalities who are wholeheartedly devoted to truth and love.

I give you each of My strength and serenity of peacefulness .. My understanding knowledge of the way to grow connection .. the art of this Prayerful Intimacy with the Infinite Intelligence Circuits of Consciousness .. of God the Father .. God the Son .. and God the Immaculate Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon