Mine Apostolic Associates of Love

I shall raise Mine apostolic associates who are wholeheartedly devoted to the Absoluteness of Truth and God’s Objectivity.

These are Mine children who I shall prepare for their eternity in a life more abundant.

The Kingdom of Pure Love is the one and only purpose and destination for every single personality soul.

All of humanity shall discover My Way is freedom and illumination. They shall give birth to their Second Birth through the Hand of God the Sevenfold; for the Trinity Persons of Deity are to be acknowledged and adored, aligned with and appreciated, accepted and allowed.

Give thineself mercy and tolerance for the imperfections which ye have, as of yet, to master. 

Awaken acceptance of your worthiness to receive the divinity indwelling thine mind and heart.

Arise into the glory of your mission which is to attain to your Second Birth of Universal Immortality and Cosmic Christ Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon