I come to ignite

Thou children of mortality .. I come to ignite thine faithful soul mind .. to illuminate the avenues of ascendancy which shall raise you heavenward. .. and to purify the human heart into singular purpose and receptivity capacity for the Father’s Initiatory Life and his Omnipotent Love.

Mine Prayerfulness of Intimacy with the Presence of Infinity shall maturely quicken thine receptivity into soul glory at one with the Spirit of your own God Life. Prayerfulness of Intimacy awakens your sensitivities .. your sensibilities of soul .. and ye are beckoned inwards to Truthfulness .. to Truth Everlasting.

Verily do I seek to increase thine stature of the personality soul .. to motivate the divine heart towards its achievement .. to saturate the mind with virtuousness of thought, of feeling, of character choices and wholehearted decisions to carry forth the misqualifications of your centuries of experience into the Father's eternality of Life.

Michael Of Nebadon