Each moment

In each moment you are either building a wall of defenses through control, rebellion, misappropriation of your endowed gifts of free will, and the misuse of mind and personhood .. or you are aligning with the Godhood of the Father's Life .. he who lives in you and seeks to expand his will .. his kingdom .. his glory .. his harmony .. and his everlasting order.

Now .. as you choose the exalted way of progressive advancement are ye walking within My protective care .. so that .. the personhood of you and the Spirit of God that is the inheritance of the God Life in you .. both shall blend together eternally with omnipotent strength and purpose and wisdom.

Ye shall be attending to Truth and Justice. Righteousness shall prevail. The Virtuous Life shall taketh root.

And there will occur the resolution of all problems. The Sovereignty of God's Supremacy awaits thine entrance and advancements.

For it is a literal understanding that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first within the burgeoning advancement of our Christhood.

Michael Of Nebadon