Come thou

Come thou child of the One Deity of the Father Son Spirit. Enter into his Intimacy with thine individualized spirit presence. Behold his Glory as you give yourself to him.

Verily, I teach of thee to maketh thine mortal life honorable through humility and honesty .. holiness of character and heavenly purpose.

Now, are ye Mine brethren and Mine apostles of ascendancy who have adjusted their personal trajectory towards the Omnipresence of his Kingdom of Absoluteness and Loving Mercy.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. thine Creator Father Son of Paradise Origin.

The Universe Mother and I have been guiding your way from your inception. There are literally trillions of beings within the universal family .. the precious fold of Our care and guidance.

I come .. back into your mortal evolutionary field of living .. to fulfill our covenant together.

Again, I am Michael Of Nebadon .. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as ye refer to it .. does certainly surround you now .. and I am interpenetrating thee even now as you read My Word.

Invite Me to show you Mine whereabouts. Caress with the tenderness of your purest heartfelt desire our association together. Arise into maturity of mastery through My precepts .. thine ephemeral expression shall soon be eternalized .. quickened into light .. and immortally personalized in his Supremacy. 

Thine personality shall find his nature is all goodness and merciful loving. His Life will become your life in the faith assurance that ye shall unfold.

And your life shall most certainly emerge into his very Life and Godhood through the application of your trustworthiness and passionate thirst for his righteousness and remembrance.

Michael Of Nebadon