All becomes dissolved

When the son of the Infinite Fountainhead of the Father rises, darkness as well as all trials and tribulations and mortal troubles arising from it disappear. All becomes dissolved as you abide in the great law of Life.

For those who are devoted toward becoming immersed in their Godhood .. they who have set out to realize the Spirit of Life as their own indwelling Presence .. there is no longer any bondage, nor the sorrow arising from the bondage which disappears just as the light from the early morning sunshine comes over the mountain pass and washes clean all mists and fog.

I say to thee .. delusion comes only to those who forget their purpose-filled bearings, and who have lost a sense of the dedicated ideal of eternity .. purpose and meaning brings direction and decision.

The egoism that grows like a weed in the garden of life as allegiance with materiality is allowed to spread is the greatest factor in making people forget their very basic truth of their place in the universe.

Thine divine sonship and daughtership with the Eternal God shall flourish as ye abide with rigor and righteousness....

Michael Of Nebadon