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Shall I reveal

Verily, shall I reveal to My apostles the empowerment which raises you into Prayerful Intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Deity.
God is Infinitely Personal .. unavoidably intimate. He dwells in you, and simultaneously at the Central Source .. his Paradise Abode.
Enter into the Father's Life, and ye shall know him more intimately .. profoundly .. immediately. Sense his divine presence here and there .. yet he lives in you.
Access to his imminent presence of spirit is immediately accessible to every son and daughter of morality and receptivity.
Rejoice thou child of the universes .. be assured that the Universal Father is a Personhood.
Through thine Invisualization Faith and Imagination Trust will you unveil him to thyself. By faith you shall accept the truth that the First Creative Center and Divine Source provides for you a way to reach him, to know him, to become at one with him. He delights in the creature’s deliverance unto righteousness and rectitude, revelation and r…

Change for the better

Pure worship accelerates change for the better; for it is law that every creature acknowledge their Creator Source.
Prayerfulness Intimacy .. reciprocal spiritual communion and relationship fellowship with the Trinity Circuits of Consciousness .. only this shall bring you peace and happiness.
Prayerful Intimacy is the open doorway into the Kingdom of the Heavens. It is the prerequisite for gaining all advancement of ascendancy.
As ye give thine worship and praiseful adoration to the Life of God living in you .. and as you seek to exemplify his nature and character in your personality mind and developing soul essence .. then shall you discover a renewal of mind and heart which propels you forward.
Be ever reaching in this attainment of realization and remembrance. Consciousness develops upon the unwavering desire for prayerful consecration .. intimacy .. ongoing reciprocal spiritual communion with the Universal Spirit and his fragment of conscious life who lives in thine midst.
Michael Of…

My benevolence

My benevolence I give humbly to those individuals who are willingly devoted to realizing truth, and becoming the nature of God's qualities of giving generosity and tender loving care to all sentient life.
Verily, the Universal Source is alive in everything.  His everywhereness is all-permeating. God is everywhere present, and it is your prerogative to find him in you .. to realize him as the Life of God I AM, and to become in thine mortal expression just as he Is in his Infinity.
My precepts offer to you Mine way and truth and life. These precepts show you how to grow character and awaken righteousness.  Mine Intimacy of Prayerfulness, personality communion with his spirit presence, and the preparation for eternal life everlasting .. these are a few of My commandments. I am directed from the Trinity Source to give the greater abundance of consciousness and life unto those personalities who are wholeheartedly devoted to truth and love.
I give you each of My strength and serenity of p…

Abre os canais

Nossa associação celestial abre os canais de receptividade na mente da personalidade... evoluindo a mente mortal para um receptáculo de alma o qual está pronto e disposto a caminhar a distância Comigo à liberdade eterna.
Eu venho dessa maneira de simplicidade a qual está bem sob o radar de críticos mundiais e aquelas pessoas que acreditam em suas próprias preconcebências ainda mais do que o Meu fato real.
Eu volto para reunir os Meus apóstolos os que têm estado Me esperando... eles têm preparado as si mesmos com seus mais puros desejos por liberdade eterna. Os outros da civilização haverão de aguardar muito tempo antes de eu estar disposto a voltar novamente, se passar outra vez. Eles haverão de estar felizmente inconscientes de Minha vinda e ida.
Eu digo àqueles os que haverão de ler estas palavras as quais eu estou estabelecendo dentro dos registros da humanidade... sede vós de uma mente com o Nosso propósito eterno. Não acrediteis em vossas próprias opiniões e subjetividade, mas vós h…

Opens the channels

Our heavenly association opens the channels of receptivity in the personality mind .. evolving the mortal mind into a soul receptacle which is ready and willing to walk the distance with Me into eternal freedom.
I come in this manner of simplicity which is well under the radar of world critics and those personas who are believing their own preconceivings even more than My actual fact.
I return to gather Mine apostles who have been awaiting Me .. they have readied themselves with their purest of desires for everlasting freedom. The others of the civilization shall wait a very long time before I am willing to return again, if ever. They shall be blissfully unaware of My coming and going.
I say to those who shall read these words which I am laying down within the records of humanity .. be ye of a mind with Our eternal purpose. Believe not in your own opinions and subjectivity, yet you shall release yourself from the imprisonment of mortal conceivings and incorrect conclusions. Only in thi…

I come to ignite

Thou children of mortality .. I come to ignite thine faithful soul mind .. to illuminate the avenues of ascendancy which shall raise you heavenward. .. and to purify the human heart into singular purpose and receptivity capacity for the Father’s Initiatory Life and his Omnipotent Love.
Mine Prayerfulness of Intimacy with the Presence of Infinity shall maturely quicken thine receptivity into soul glory at one with the Spirit of your own God Life. Prayerfulness of Intimacy awakens your sensitivities .. your sensibilities of soul .. and ye are beckoned inwards to Truthfulness .. to Truth Everlasting.
Verily do I seek to increase thine stature of the personality soul .. to motivate the divine heart towards its achievement .. to saturate the mind with virtuousness of thought, of feeling, of character choices and wholehearted decisions to carry forth the misqualifications of your centuries of experience into the Father's eternality of Life.
Michael Of Nebadon

The Spirit in Every Human Being

With the advancing evolution of an inhabited planet and the further spiritualization of its inhabitants, additional spiritual influences may be received by such mature personalities. As mortals progress in mind control and spirit perception, these multiple spirit ministries become more and more co-ordinate in function; they become increasingly blended with the overministry of the Paradise Trinity.
Although Divinity may be plural in manifestation, in human experience Deity is singular, always one. Neither is spiritual ministry plural in human experience. Regardless of plurality of origin, all spirit influences are one in function. Indeed they are one, being the spirit ministry of God the Sevenfold in and to the creatures of the grand universe; and as creatures grow in appreciation of, and receptivity for, this unifying ministry of the spirit, it becomes in their experience the ministry of God the Supreme.
From the heights of eternal glory the divine Spirit descends, by a long series of s…

The Attributes of God

GOD is everywhere present; the Universal Father rules the circle of eternity. But he rules in the local universes in the persons of his Paradise Creator Sons, even as he bestows life through these Sons. “God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Sons.” These Creator Sons of God are the personal expression of himself in the sectors of time and to the children of the whirling planets of the evolving universes of space.
The highly personalized Sons of God are clearly discernible by the lower orders of created intelligences, and so do they compensate for the invisibility of the infinite and therefore less discernible Father. The Paradise Creator Sons of the Universal Father are a revelation of an otherwise invisible being, invisible because of the absoluteness and infinity inherent in the circle of eternity and in the personalities of the Paradise Deities.
Creatorship is hardly an attribute of God; it is rather the aggregate of his acting nature. And this universal function of …

Singular purpose

The Comforter I AM purifies the human heart and mind. Apostles are enthralled and ignited with singular purpose.
Michael Of Nebadon

Omnipresent in all parts

The Universal Father is omnipresent in all parts, and in every galaxy and universe. All at the same time, God the Infinite Person of existence dwells in his everywhereness.
The Nameless One is simultaneously present in the heaven of heavens, and upon the earth. He has gifted each and every creature with his spirit which is the living destiny of each individual personality.
Breathe him in. Allow his indwelling presence to expand into your human experience by placing your awareness upon him in faith Invisualization and Imagination trust. Then, the Spirit of God shall find his entrance into your human experience through this Prayerful Intimacy with his Infinity.
Day by day ye shall arrive upon his recognizable shores of joy and blissful happiness. Moment by moment shall you re weave the tapestries of consciousness into his glory and honor.
Blessed are you who seek salvation through the graduation ceremony of Universal Citizenship; the advancing and aspiring and arising personality of forg…

The Last Evaluation Cometh

Every individual kingdom divided against itself is eventually brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. For ye are to compose thyselves into integration with righteousness and rectitude. He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not their heart and mind with Me does dilute their empowerment in the Universal Presence I AM.Verily do I sayeth to Mine apostles .. scattereth not thine attentions upon the world stage of ephemeral props. Gather inward thine awareness and allegiance with the Father who lives in thine midst. Be thou abroad traveling with Me in the new land .. the new order of humanity .. sailing the high inner seas of his universal acknowledgement and appreciation. Tend delicately and deliberately to thine own flock of sheep .. thine thoughts and feelings which ye have birthed over the lifetimes. Guideth into revelation and remembrance thyselves as Mine Shepherd of Salvation. Harness all energies which you have tai…

All becomes dissolved

When the son of the Infinite Fountainhead of the Father rises, darkness as well as all trials and tribulations and mortal troubles arising from it disappear. All becomes dissolved as you abide in the great law of Life.
For those who are devoted toward becoming immersed in their Godhood .. they who have set out to realize the Spirit of Life as their own indwelling Presence .. there is no longer any bondage, nor the sorrow arising from the bondage which disappears just as the light from the early morning sunshine comes over the mountain pass and washes clean all mists and fog.
I say to thee .. delusion comes only to those who forget their purpose-filled bearings, and who have lost a sense of the dedicated ideal of eternity .. purpose and meaning brings direction and decision.
The egoism that grows like a weed in the garden of life as allegiance with materiality is allowed to spread is the greatest factor in making people forget their very basic truth of their place in the universe.
Thine …

The main objective

The main objective of Salvington and the Michael Of Nebadon Foundation is to reveal the way of approach of the Paradise Sons who come to illuminate the dictates of God the Primal Originating Son .. to teach humanity to recognize the divinity inherent in you.
I say to you .. heal all, bless all, prosper all, educate all, enlighten all, illuminate all. Now, are ye walking into truth and goodness, and the eternal royal road into your own immortal stature.
Michael Of Nebadon

The Lake of Galilea

Behold Mine Glory and Honor within thee; the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My Being is of the First Father and the Second Son. I reveal the ideal nature and living attributes of the First Creative Center and Divine Source of God the Father to this universal endowment of eternity. Praise the Paradise Trinity Parenthood with all thine heart and mind and body. Give to this Center and Source their acknowledgement and appreciation. Cooperation with the Spirit of your indwelling shall clarify your character and elevate your emotions. Concentration upon the Infinite Absoluteness through the will of your faith shall begin to cause the revelatory ripple effects of the Infinite One into and throughout thine mind and heart and body.I return to personally guide Mine apostles of the 21st century .. Some of which had walked with Me around the Lake of Galilea.  I return to fulfill My covenant .. my agreement .. with humanity. I gather those individuals who find themselves to be athirst with the …

Mine Apostolic Associates of Love

I shall raise Mine apostolic associates who are wholeheartedly devoted to the Absoluteness of Truth and God’s Objectivity.These are Mine children who I shall prepare for their eternity in a life more abundant. The Kingdom of Pure Love is the one and only purpose and destination for every single personality soul. All of humanity shall discover My Way is freedom and illumination. They shall give birth to their Second Birth through the Hand of God the Sevenfold; for the Trinity Persons of Deity are to be acknowledged and adored, aligned with and appreciated, accepted and allowed.Give thineself mercy and tolerance for the imperfections which ye have, as of yet, to master.  Awaken acceptance of your worthiness to receive the divinity indwelling thine mind and heart. Arise into the glory of your mission which is to attain to your Second Birth of Universal Immortality and Cosmic Christ Citizenship. Michael Of

Happy are they

Happy are they who are advancing themselves with Intimacy of heartfelt communion with the Trinity Persons of Deity; for these personalities shall see God in his Kingdom of Redemption and Regeneration.
They shall cause themselves to enter deeply the remembrance of him as their own Life and Consciousness...
Michael Of Nebadon

Come thou

Come thou child of the One Deity of the Father Son Spirit. Enter into his Intimacy with thine individualized spirit presence. Behold his Glory as you give yourself to him.
Verily, I teach of thee to maketh thine mortal life honorable through humility and honesty .. holiness of character and heavenly purpose.
Now, are ye Mine brethren and Mine apostles of ascendancy who have adjusted their personal trajectory towards the Omnipresence of his Kingdom of Absoluteness and Loving Mercy.
I am Michael Of Nebadon .. thine Creator Father Son of Paradise Origin.
The Universe Mother and I have been guiding your way from your inception. There are literally trillions of beings within the universal family .. the precious fold of Our care and guidance.
I come .. back into your mortal evolutionary field of living .. to fulfill our covenant together.
Again, I am Michael Of Nebadon .. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as ye refer to it .. does certainly surround you now .. and I am interpenetrating thee e…


Increasingly, ye shall yield the spirit fruits  as you progress upwards with unbounded enthusiasm and inwards with thine heavenward progression of glory upon glory .. freedom upon heavenly freedoms.
For the Kingdom of My Father’s Life hath no such beginnings nor endings. My Father asks of his children to establish the Kingdom of His presence, and in this way shall you bear the limitless fruits of his childlike awe and wonder .. his humility of character and purpose .. his purity in character righteousness and remembrance.
You are to enter the Kingdom as a child, yet in your growing maturity shall ye develop, by his grace, the tendencies of your Universal Citizenship, as an adult in the greater and more abundant landscape in which you are headed...
Michael Of Nebadon

Thirsty personalities

The world is teeming and filled with thirsty personalities .. hungered souls .. aspiring wills .. determined individuals .. who are starving for knowledge and understanding of our God principles and everlasting precepts.
They search outside and away from themselves in erroneous submission to false authorities of the world civilization.
Souls are searching in desperate measures for the bread of life. Personality quivers at the thought of giving itself away to another or some pathway, yet the Kingdom of God is achieved through cooperation with the Host of Heaven .. collaboration with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise .. concentration of religious righteousness in developing character and consciousness.
Men and women seek for the treasures of the Holy Grail of understanding by which they can feed themselves with the enlightened manna from the heavens .. yet God the Father has bestowed himself in thine midst all along.
With yearning hearts and minds made receptive, the populace seek…

Our Future Generations of Humanity

All future generations shall know of this time that we are walking together in the vulnerability of Truth and Love.They shall discover that I have offered to thee My everpotent Spring of Life Eternal while many have laid asleep in immaturity and rebelliousness. They shall knoweth of the absolute radiance of our joy in this mutuality of togetherness which we share. The buoyance of God shall elevate thine soul mind into the greater and more affluent life of consciousness within the Totality. Future generations shall know that I had returned .. just as I said that I would. They shall wonder if they were part of us during this time. If the luminosity of God's radiance touched them through My Comforter Spirit Presence shall they ponder quietly.Verily, I say to Mine apostolic associates .. develop your strength of discipleship in our discipline of intimacy with the Infinite Intelligence. Mature thine character choices ..  so alive shall you become that God's Word is  becoming visibl…

The food of the Immortal Ones

The Father’s Initiatory Life is the food of the Immortal Ones. All personalities rise upwards into greater service to partake of this everlasting manna.
Here in the terrestrial octaves of the earth which is your home .. in our apostleship you are maturing yourselves to be made ready for a life much greater than mortal limitation.
Michael Of Nebadon

Fulfill the law of the Father

For verily I say unto you, I am come to fulfill the law of the Father. To illuminate thine avenues of ascendancy into your advancement upon the wick of the First Creative Center and Divine Source. 

Till the heaven of heavens pass away which shall never be .. one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled in the newly emerging order of the earth.

Whosoever shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men to do the very same, he and she shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven .. but whosoever shall fulfill the law .. and teach men and women the very same fulfillment .. these ones shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 

For I say unto you, that except your righteousness of character shall exceed the righteousness of the perilous traditions of the world and the false authorities of the civilization, ye shall not ever find entrance into the Kingdom of My Father’s eternal heavens.

Learn the law. Abide therein. Negotiate not wi…

Have I told you

Have I told you that the Kingdom of My Father God cometh already with might and righteousness. His Kingdom is his omnipresence .. his everywhereness which has dominion and sovereignty over all the creation.
Every creature great and small shall succumb to this Kingdom of Our Father’s Initiatory Life. All are inseparable .. included .. and each one is a member of this Universal Kingdom.
Ye have heard that it hath been said, thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy; for this is of the worldly mind which believes in happenstance and coincidence. These are ideas which the world's erroneous understanding attempts to spread far and wide.
But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your Father and Mine who is in heaven and who maketh the heaven of heavens: for the sun is bidden by the Universal Absolute to rise on the evil and on th…

Each moment

In each moment you are either building a wall of defenses through control, rebellion, misappropriation of your endowed gifts of free will, and the misuse of mind and personhood .. or you are aligning with the Godhood of the Father's Life .. he who lives in you and seeks to expand his will .. his kingdom .. his glory .. his harmony .. and his everlasting order.
Now .. as you choose the exalted way of progressive advancement are ye walking within My protective care .. so that .. the personhood of you and the Spirit of God that is the inheritance of the God Life in you .. both shall blend together eternally with omnipotent strength and purpose and wisdom.
Ye shall be attending to Truth and Justice. Righteousness shall prevail. The Virtuous Life shall taketh root.
And there will occur the resolution of all problems. The Sovereignty of God's Supremacy awaits thine entrance and advancements.
For it is a literal understanding that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first …

Thirst for Truth Everlasting

Thine life attitudes are derived from the inner foundations which you cultivate. Cultivate self-honesty and contriteness of heart and mind and body. These shall elevate thine mind towards receptivity to Truth Absolute. ...and it is the hunger for Truth which makes all the difference. Your thirst for Truth generates priorities of purpose and purity. The desire for Truth is your urge of mind .. your tendency of heart. They who have no desire to penetrate themselves to discover Truth shall become materialized into matter.I say to thee .. raise thine sights .. thine standards .. and thine sincerity. Now, are ye advancing forward in evolutionary progression as an individual personality. You are building the inner impulse to find the nature of the Universal Absoluteness. Contemplate and consider what I share with you.  Allow My Consciousness to penetrate you .. and Impregnate you with renewal of mind and a regeneration of thine holy heart.Michael Of Nebadon

Always am I holding the very Hand of God

Always am I holding the very Hand of God the Sevenfold as I conduct the Infinite into and throughout our universe.. for the ascending sons and daughters of God...
Michael Of Nebadon

Ye shall perfect thine imperfections

Verily, ye shall perfect thine imperfections by adhering to the Father’s Spirit. His plan with the Son and the Spirit is for mortal mind and body and soul to become raised by cleansing and consecration.
Our Universal Association Of Ascendancy propels the apostle into Everlasting Dominion over everything material.
The individual personality who dedicates themselves to My Ideal shall be thrilled and enthused in purpose and priority.
Michael Of Nebadon

Self Rule

Free and Liberated Sons and Daughters of GodVerily do I say to My apostles of ascendancy .. achievement in the Kingdom of My Father God is not by force nor outer accomplishments. It is attained by your self rule, by your conquering of character weakness, by your self-forgetfulness and sincere worship, and verily by your vigilance of the onslaught of selfishness and insincerity.In My Father’s Kingdom .. Sovereignty shall be established in you; a sovereignty that brings order and harmony .. peace and inward prosperity of heart .. and the tranquility of mind.A new creature shall emerge in you .. one who is tempered by truthfulness .. love of the indwelling presence of the Father in you. Our association shall transform you first through relationship with My Spirit of Truth and with the Universe Mother Spirit. A soul personality of immense receptivity will blossom and fructify .. and this transfiguration shall strengthen the soul tendencies for this uncompromising Truth which I shall make …