Ye have awaited My return

Ye have awaited My return just as the vegetation of the earth awaits the morning dew which does wet its countenance upon truth and showers its character with the freshness of the air's humidity.

I return to stir thine tender wisps of faith, to brighten upwards thine allegiance of trust for the One Father Spirit who sits at the helm of thine ship .. ever stimulating thine direction in life as ye ask for guidance and His everpresent Care.

Our protocol of possibilities carries thee into freedom only as you allow Us .. the Influences of your own God Impulse .. for I arrive upon thine earthly shores with the Father Son Spirit of Infinite Eternity to strengthen your mind unto absolute wholeness beyond the tempestuous nature of the fleeting and unstable intellect. I come to raise thee into dignity and Self Honor.. to evacuate thine errors and misalignments .. to transmute thine weakened faithfulness into My Spirit of Truth conviction of faith and trust .. cooperation and collaborative prosperity.

I am Michael Of this Universe .. the Father Son Personified .. Hand of God the Sevenfold .. and Infinite Mother Spirit Unified.

Michael Of Nebadon
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