Repress and avoid and remove yourself

The more you repress and avoid and remove yourself from the root causes of the difficulties in your life by covering them up and pushing them into the field of the unconscious, the more difficult it will be to perceive the connections and to dissolve, or pull out, the flawed causal roots. The longer it will take to uncover and become aware of these initial causal roots of your creations.

Over lifetimes, root causes have been initiated by the individual personality which always have effects, and these effects do shape every single ephemeral circumstance and every response in you.

If you wish to discover happiness, harmony, and holiness in your personal intimacy with the infinite God, then you have to go to the flawed roots of thought and feeling .. the inner impressions which have created a groove in your field of consciousness. These are the causes within yourself.

This transfigurative approach compels you to find the root causes; this going to the roots is the path of Our perfection and purification. It is the preparations for maturing salvation which delivers you into the Kingdom of God.

As you seek this intimacy with the Infinity of your own Godhood .. this personal empowering contact with God’s Kingdom for this purpose of your freedom .. only then shall Our Influences be received by you for your greater purification. Cooperation is necessary. Collaboration is a must.

Now, are you walking with Our Apostleship of Ascendancy .. preparing thyself to receive the greatest support and guidance by the Forces of Good throughout the universes. Everything will develop in the best way for you. You will be positioning yourself for great victory...


Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington