The Kingdom of God is his Universal Family

The Kingdom of God is his Universal Family. All gifts of personhood and mind and will find their roots in this Kingdom.

And you shall discover this Kingdom of My Father God as you are immediately immersed in his intimacy.  My precepts of Paradise Trinity Absoluteness offer you the way of approaching the Father who is your Life now, and your destiny upon graduation completion of your evolutionary tasks at hand.

Personal Intimacy with the Immanent God Presence is your own directly personal route to unfoldment of this divine exalted state of immortality.

Open thyself to the eye of faith and the ear of trust through the I's of Intimacy with the Paradise Infinity whose dwelling place is beyond all personalities and things, and yet, he lives in you as the animating Father power .. he moves you at all times. He is the supplier of all good opportunities for advancement and attainment of the more abundant entrance into Eternal Life.

Verily .. I come to teach you of the Way and Truth of the Second Center and Divine Source who is the personality pattern of Perfection for all personalities.

See the Father in you with the eye of this invisualizing faith. Hear him in all your moments by listening with the ear of imagination trust. Breathe him through the strategy of his impregnation breathing .. it is his way as Spirit to penetrate thee .. to cleanse thine heart and mind .. to quicken thine physical experience into proximity with him.

See him .. hear him .. recognize him .. know him .. these understanding revelations of his remembrance shall appoint thee his sons and daughters of destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon