My Universal Sovereignty

I am come with the Fire of Merciful Forgiveness to take away the sins of the world.

Place thine hand within My Universal Sovereignty.  Enter Mine Tenfold I’s .. the Precepts of the Kingdom of My Father.

I come into this mortal garment to have you walk with Me. To reacquaint you with My original teachings as given to My apostles.

Be thou in amazement of the Life of the Father's Spirit who lives in thine midst .. and as thy very God Life.

Taketh responsibility for this God Life and its creative nature.

Respect the One God Force who is existing as the only creative power and presence.

Receptivity grows in you .. only as you open to this personality communion with the Spirit of Life individualized in you .. and as You.

Placate thyselves into his plan and law and will .. and ye shall build capacity for the greater works of service and selflessness.

Again .. I come to gather those personalities ready to advance themselves beyond the primitive urges and solitary tendencies of the ephemeral chaos.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. introducing Myself to you as My Universal Station and Position of Service.

I am the Universal Vine who is given the task of presently distributing the One God Life and Substance of Light and Love to each personality within this universe.

I make of thee .. receptacles of God's glory and forgiveness .. his mercy shall findeth it's place only in those who adhere to My yoke of ascendancy .. My approach which is of the Primal Originating Mother Son...

Michael Of Nebadon