My Universal Hand shall Sustain you at all Times

Verily, I say to My seekers .. aspirants .. and holy apostles of the world .. long not for the absence of challenges and mysteries. Allow these things to coexist with you as you become more active with your applications of our Ideal.

Begin each day with your intimacy of heart .. spirit communion with the living presence of God who beats thine heart, who animates thine movements, who gives you his creative energies, who leads you upwards into valor and victory.

Always am I with you. The Universal Absoluteness has designed existence in this very way .. placing My Comforter Presence with each one.

Invite Me with sincerity and I shall quench thine thirst for truth and righteousness .. I shall grow thee into true worthiness by your adhering to My way and truth .. the values and virtues of the Third Person of Trinity .. and the revelation of the way to approach the Father’s Initiatory Life in you.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington