Life Giveth Life

Ye are achieving wisdom of experience by transmutation each day.

Love transmutes all misqualification. Mercy embraces all things in that compassionate empowerment.

Ye shall know wisdom by becoming it in experience. Thought is! God is! Love is!

Come to understand that death hath no entrance into the Kingdom. If you physically die, ye shall not enter into the kingdom.. then at this time.

I instruct thee in Life Everlasting.  Death hath no place nor opportunity. Life is the way that I AM. The way that is your destination to Life is by Life.

Death is backwards .. a retrograde of stagnation which you place erringly upon thyself. Death of body, or substance in matter .. hath no destination.  It obstructs thine way.  Death is the way of darkness, and so, ye shall make thine way through Life. Life is the avenue which ushers you to the Father’s Kingdom.

Slow not downward unto death by degeneration and destructive impulses which hath no light nor life. Transmute .. a .. transfigure and resurrect thine nature of Godly attributes, and ye shall discover Life. Death is slowing the atomic speed of the matter and substance until annihilation cometh.

Impurities of heart in feelings produceth degeneration .. and so, transform these by the cooperation with law and harmonic order, so that ye annihilate death in all respects. Ye shall arise in character with dignity and humility and the rest must follow.

If ye err .. and die physically then your form ceases to exist, yet I tell thee, the Accelerations of physical form are as a link which takes My apostles through the eye of the needle. It offereth Life to the vigilant and vulnerable ones who walk My Way.

Love .. even of your density of darkness shall maketh it's atoms to quiver with righteousness and respect. The atoms of your density seeketh Life, and you are their way by transmutation through your heart and loving consciousness.

I say .. acquaint thyself with My Approach of the Apostleship in God's Ascendancy. Ye hold sway over all lesser vibratory influences and activities only as you seek understanding and knowledgeable merit. Ye shall conquer even tbe most stubborn pride by your understanding heart. By your knowledgeable collaborating with the very Mind of Eternity.

The Race consciousness chooses death by destruction.  It avoideth Life.

Be thou entered into your eternity exchange each day. Quicken all thine matter into righteousness and remembrance of the Father Source. In this shall ye find God's nature to be accessible to you. His identity becometh thine own. His grace by mercy shall reach thee at the exact location of your dwelling.

Reach for the One who giveth all Life, and ye shall be walking with Me stridently and with selflessness and surrender .. sacrifice and silence of mind .. and the softness of thine heart shall melt all hardness into tenderness and gentility .. genuine spontaneous communion with the Comforter Spirit I AM.

Michael Of Nebadon