Everlasting Victory in My Father’s Kingdom

In your Everlasting Victory in My Father’s Kingdom .. primordial peace shall fill thine heart and mind. Purpose crystal clear shall become thine driving force and motivation as you understand your place in the universes.

A renewal of mind into God's wholeness and atonement of forgiveness shall saturate thine being giving you the fullness of charitas .. a charity of merciful compassionate attributes for yourself and your brothers and sisters.

What is needed is for you to absorb and become the Father’s eternal attributes .. his universal attitudes .. and his all loving nature shall conquer every ephemeral tendency. His genuine tenderness and warmth shall offer you healing balm, and the omnipotence of hope will you arise into.

Be thou .. ever and anon .. about this actualizing unfoldment of creation in thee.


Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington