Engage with Me

Engage with Me. I surround thee and ever do I dwell in thine heart.

Reach for My Spirit Power and Presence by asking for Me. Mine Comforter Spirit shall build a new mind and an openness of heart in thee.

Asking for My Spirit creates a consciousness of our eternal fellowship .. a consciousness of our association together .. our religious relationship prospers as you partake of the Trinity Circuits of Consciousness.

In relationship with My Spirit Comforter .. ye shall grow direct experience of divinity.  Ye shall participate in an enhancement of your visionary understanding .. your values with eternity shall ripen well and good.

I come into material form whilst maintaining My Spirit Comforter with you at all times. I lead all believers into all truthfulness and the  Absoluteness of Truth.

I grow thee into the expansion of knowledge and understanding .. courage and counsel .. intuitive spirit consciousness and perceptions of glory. You are to gain an enhanced revelation of the experience in the living and growing spiritual awareness which giveth peace and well-being to you.

...the reality of our eternal ascendancy prospers thee. You are destined in your design to know of the reality of God the Father by your right use of the endowments .. the gifts .. of personhood, will, and mortal mind.

Michael Of Nebadon