Bridges of God's Word

Believe as I believe. Live as I live in this everpresent communion with the Universal Father. Ye shall create this Intimacy with God through one choice at a time. One holy decision.

Cultivate the virtuous life by growing your character into Our values and virtues. Raise the standard of your living by growing your character into the priority of spending time in Pure Worshipful Adoration, Wisdom Transmutation, Courageous Choices of Ascendancy, Counsel and Fellowship with the Host of the Heavens, Understanding Compassion and Merciful Empathy, and the Knowledgeable Walk of allowing yourself to learn and develop in all ways godward.

Values and eternal virtues foster priorities of Godly Ascent .. and these God driven priorities determine your daily choices, decisions of where to place your attentions, and even the thoughts of your intentions are shaped by this very same pathway.

Be thou of the intention to grow intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise. Begin this by your relationship with the Spirit Fragment of the Father's Initiatory Life living in you now.

Say to the Father’s Spirit and his Living Kingdom of Consciousness ..

"My Father who art of all Primordial Goodness .. I raise myself into closeness with you. I desire You, Father God, above all other inclinations and desires.

"Thou Father, you are the unwavering and unchanging Truth which I can rely upon in every moment.

"Your everlasting Beauty in all  thought attitudes are my aspiration to embody .. your divine nature and attributes are my chosen destiny.

"I activate my free will in favor of this religious relationship with You.

"I make myself available for You. I offer to You all my imperfect tendencies for transfiguring into Your pure Life. I lay my defenses down upon the immaculate altar of Your being."

Now, are you walking with Me in how you live your life. Intimacy of heart and mind with the Universal Spirit of God shall mature your aspirations and magnify thine virtues and values into Our Eternity.

Seek ye first and always the Kingdom of Heaven which hath it's doorway in your imminent midst; the Father’s Initiatory Life deserves all credit and power and acknowledgement for every particle of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty in your life.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington