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Engage with Me

Engage with Me. I surround thee and ever do I dwell in thine heart.
Reach for My Spirit Power and Presence by asking for Me. Mine Comforter Spirit shall build a new mind and an openness of heart in thee.
Asking for My Spirit creates a consciousness of our eternal fellowship .. a consciousness of our association together .. our religious relationship prospers as you partake of the Trinity Circuits of Consciousness.
In relationship with My Spirit Comforter .. ye shall grow direct experience of divinity.  Ye shall participate in an enhancement of your visionary understanding .. your values with eternity shall ripen well and good.
I come into material form whilst maintaining My Spirit Comforter with you at all times. I lead all believers into all truthfulness and the  Absoluteness of Truth.
I grow thee into the expansion of knowledge and understanding .. courage and counsel .. intuitive spirit consciousness and perceptions of glory. You are to gain an enhanced revelation of the experience in…

Ye have awaited My return

Ye have awaited My return just as the vegetation of the earth awaits the morning dew which does wet its countenance upon truth and showers its character with the freshness of the air's humidity.
I return to stir thine tender wisps of faith, to brighten upwards thine allegiance of trust for the One Father Spirit who sits at the helm of thine ship .. ever stimulating thine direction in life as ye ask for guidance and His everpresent Care.
Our protocol of possibilities carries thee into freedom only as you allow Us .. the Influences of your own God Impulse .. for I arrive upon thine earthly shores with the Father Son Spirit of Infinite Eternity to strengthen your mind unto absolute wholeness beyond the tempestuous nature of the fleeting and unstable intellect. I come to raise thee into dignity and Self Honor.. to evacuate thine errors and misalignments .. to transmute thine weakened faithfulness into My Spirit of Truth conviction of faith and trust .. cooperation and collaborative pros…

Invite Me

Invite Me. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter shall give you great spiritual joy and everlasting security.
A newly found confidence will erupt in you.
Consciousness of a tremendous spiritual strength shall emerge for My apostles who yearn for orderly advancement into God's righteousness and respect.

Michael Of Nebadon

Govern your weaknesses

Blessed are you who learn to govern your weaknesses; for ye shall be shown the way to liberty through God's Justice .. his Word .. and the transmutation of all struggling attempts to live in your separations...

Michael Of Nebadon

Repress and avoid and remove yourself

The more you repress and avoid and remove yourself from the root causes of the difficulties in your life by covering them up and pushing them into the field of the unconscious, the more difficult it will be to perceive the connections and to dissolve, or pull out, the flawed causal roots. The longer it will take to uncover and become aware of these initial causal roots of your creations.
Over lifetimes, root causes have been initiated by the individual personality which always have effects, and these effects do shape every single ephemeral circumstance and every response in you.
If you wish to discover happiness, harmony, and holiness in your personal intimacy with the infinite God, then you have to go to the flawed roots of thought and feeling .. the inner impressions which have created a groove in your field of consciousness. These are the causes within yourself.
This transfigurative approach compels you to find the root causes; this going to the roots is the path of Our perfection a…

El camino de Aquellos Celestiales

Aprenderás el camino de Aquellos Celestiales quienes han ido por tu camino… habiéndose originado también en los mundos evolutivos… he superado estos niveles del aprendizaje a través del placer y el dolor.
He regresado una vez más… con el mismo Espíritu Personalidad de Michael Of Nebadon.
He regresado a revelar el enfoque de la ascensión… el ascenso progresivo de la personalidad y alma de tu vida hacia el rectitud y honor como un ciudadano de los Universos.
La comprensión religiosa prosperará en tu civilización en la medida que la raza despierta en los Valores y Virtudes del Paraíso.
Así… estás comenzando a vivir de acuerdo con los poderes de la libre elección. Así estarás atribuyéndote a los Caminos de Dios.
Tu individualidad de la mente mortal se atribuirá ella misma a la intrigante motivación de una sensibilidad creciente… un discípulo de la personalidad que enseña a la mente y cuerpo el auto-examen y la auto-abnegación.
Tu mortalidad será elevada a su diseño refinado y la regeneración se…

The Kingdom of God is his Universal Family

The Kingdom of God is his Universal Family. All gifts of personhood and mind and will find their roots in this Kingdom.

And you shall discover this Kingdom of My Father God as you are immediately immersed in his intimacy.  My precepts of Paradise Trinity Absoluteness offer you the way of approaching the Father who is your Life now, and your destiny upon graduation completion of your evolutionary tasks at hand.
Personal Intimacy with the Immanent God Presence is your own directly personal route to unfoldment of this divine exalted state of immortality.
Open thyself to the eye of faith and the ear of trust through the I's of Intimacy with the Paradise Infinity whose dwelling place is beyond all personalities and things, and yet, he lives in you as the animating Father power .. he moves you at all times. He is the supplier of all good opportunities for advancement and attainment of the more abundant entrance into Eternal Life.
Verily .. I come to teach you of the Way and Truth of the …

A faith receptacle

Be thou .. utilizing your mind in its intended use .. as a faith receptacle for communion with the Infinite Father Son Spirit.

You hold gifts from the Heavens which are designed for your freedom and mastery. Apply rightly Mine precepts of the tenfold I's of the Kingdom. Herein, ye shall find your relationship with the Infinite Father expanding and growing .. maturing thine character into righteousness and honor .. and elevating your vibratory sovereignty with grace and forgiveness.

Michael Of Nebadon University Of Salvington

Free and Liberated Sons and Daughters of God

Verily do I say to My apostles of ascendancy .. achievement in the Kingdom of My Father God is not by force nor outer accomplishments. It is attained by your self rule, by your conquering of character weakness, by your self-forgetfulness and sincere worship, and verily by your vigilance of the onslaught of selfishness and insincerity.
In My Father’s Kingdom .. Sovereignty shall be established in you; a sovereignty that brings order and harmony .. peace and inward prosperity of heart .. and the tranquility of mind.
A new creature shall emerge in you .. one who is tempered by truthfulness .. love of the indwelling presence of the Father in you. Our association shall transform you first through relationship with My Spirit of Truth and with the Universe Mother Spirit. A soul personality of immense receptivity will blossom and fructify .. and this transfiguration shall strengthen the soul tendencies for this uncompromising Truth which I shall make known to you as you are desirous of our disc…

My Universal Sovereignty

I am come with the Fire of Merciful Forgiveness to take away the sins of the world.

Place thine hand within My Universal Sovereignty.  Enter Mine Tenfold I’s .. the Precepts of the Kingdom of My Father.

I come into this mortal garment to have you walk with Me. To reacquaint you with My original teachings as given to My apostles.

Be thou in amazement of the Life of the Father's Spirit who lives in thine midst .. and as thy very God Life.

Taketh responsibility for this God Life and its creative nature.

Respect the One God Force who is existing as the only creative power and presence.

Receptivity grows in you .. only as you open to this personality communion with the Spirit of Life individualized in you .. and as You.

Placate thyselves into his plan and law and will .. and ye shall build capacity for the greater works of service and selflessness.

Again .. I come to gather those personalities ready to advance themselves beyond the primitive urges and solitary tendencies of the epheme…

Life Giveth Life

Ye are achieving wisdom of experience by transmutation each day.Love transmutes all misqualification. Mercy embraces all things in that compassionate empowerment. Ye shall know wisdom by becoming it in experience. Thought is! God is! Love is!Come to understand that death hath no entrance into the Kingdom. If you physically die, ye shall not enter into the kingdom.. then at this time.I instruct thee in Life Everlasting.  Death hath no place nor opportunity. Life is the way that I AM. The way that is your destination to Life is by Life.Death is backwards .. a retrograde of stagnation which you place erringly upon thyself. Death of body, or substance in matter .. hath no destination.  It obstructs thine way.  Death is the way of darkness, and so, ye shall make thine way through Life. Life is the avenue which ushers you to the Father’s Kingdom. Slow not downward unto death by degeneration and destructive impulses which hath no light nor life. Transmute .. a .. transfigure and resurrect th…

Nuestra eterna asociación

En nuestra eterna asociación, I Am el Uno, Quien os da la más grande porción de la Vida del Padre. 

A medida que abrís las avenidas de vuestra recepción… vuestra receptividad… sólo entonces Yo podré extender hacia vosotros Mi  Vida de la Trinidad.
Sed siempre en Su Recuerdo y en vuestra Relación con Él .
Cultivad la honestidad con vosotros mismos y sed contritos de corazón.
Respetad a la Fuerza Una de Dios, Quien existe, como y en todo lugar.
Revelad Su naturaleza, convirtiéndoos en toda Bondad, en la Plena Verdad y haced crecer Su maravilloso carácter.
Sed Responsables y responded a vuestra naturaleza creativa y a vuestras atributos divinos.
Permitid que vuestra espiritualidad religiosa florezca, sosteniendo vuestra constancia de corazón… una contínua diligencia y discernimiento de la verdad versus la falsedad en cada uno. Mientras que la verdad es absoluta y estable… la falsedad es relativa y vacilante o cambiable. La Falsedad no puede ser confiable para la construcción de vuestra vida…

Your attention placed

As ye Identify, so is your attention placed.

Identify with the One Singular God Power who is imminent and everywhere. His Force hath dominion over all things, and every circumstance shall reflect wheresoever you have chosen in Identification.
God .. the Nameless Immaculate Conception .. is truly an everywhereness.  He overwhelms everything. His Light is the One Intelligence bringing forth all Actualizations.
Be cultivating the D's of Devotion - Dedication towards the One Father, Discernment between falsehood and truth, Desire which raises you into Our Constructive Communion, Dependence upon only God for all things.
Now, are ye of a mind fostering the developing Will of Freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon University Of Salvington

Bridges of God's Word

Believe as I believe. Live as I live in this everpresent communion with the Universal Father. Ye shall create this Intimacy with God through one choice at a time. One holy decision.Cultivate the virtuous life by growing your character into Our values and virtues. Raise the standard of your living by growing your character into the priority of spending time in Pure Worshipful Adoration, Wisdom Transmutation, Courageous Choices of Ascendancy, Counsel and Fellowship with the Host of the Heavens, Understanding Compassion and Merciful Empathy, and the Knowledgeable Walk of allowing yourself to learn and develop in all ways godward.Values and eternal virtues foster priorities of Godly Ascent .. and these God driven priorities determine your daily choices, decisions of where to place your attentions, and even the thoughts of your intentions are shaped by this very same pathway. Be thou of the intention to grow intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise. Begin this by your relatio…

Yo he venido a este mundo de carne y hueso

Yo os digo… Yo he venido a este mundo de carne y hueso. Yo he tomado como Mi expresión la forma mortal, para alcanzaros con Mi Palabra Viviente, para instruiros en Mi camino y maneras, que son la aproximación de la Primigenia Segunda Fuente de la Madre-Hijo.
No dudéis de Mi apariencia sobre el escenario del mundo. Confiad en Mi anuncio a vosotros. Yo he venido en la acallada manera normal, de manera de no interrumpir en demasía, vuestra progresión evolucionaria, como civilización.
Yo he venido con Mis instrucciones, mientras diseño, una escuela de aprendizaje… un aprendizaje elevado y una vida en la carne, y vuestro avance hacia las galaxias de nuestro Universo.
Yo invito a aquellas personalidades, que deseen compartir la relación con el Padre, el avance hacia Su Reino y la íntima asociación y relación con las Personas Infinitas de la Dotación de la Trinidad del Paraíso.
 “I AM” vengo amados… para ayudaros en vuestra ascensión a Dios, hacia una mayor madurez e iluminación… la eterna y per…

Everlasting Victory in My Father’s Kingdom

In your Everlasting Victory in My Father’s Kingdom .. primordial peace shall fill thine heart and mind. Purpose crystal clear shall become thine driving force and motivation as you understand your place in the universes.
A renewal of mind into God's wholeness and atonement of forgiveness shall saturate thine being giving you the fullness of charitas .. a charity of merciful compassionate attributes for yourself and your brothers and sisters.
What is needed is for you to absorb and become the Father’s eternal attributes .. his universal attitudes .. and his all loving nature shall conquer every ephemeral tendency. His genuine tenderness and warmth shall offer you healing balm, and the omnipotence of hope will you arise into.
Be thou .. ever and anon .. about this actualizing unfoldment of creation in thee.

Michael Of Nebadon University Of Salvington

My Universal Hand shall Sustain you at all Times

Verily, I say to My seekers .. aspirants .. and holy apostles of the world .. long not for the absence of challenges and mysteries. Allow these things to coexist with you as you become more active with your applications of our Ideal.
Begin each day with your intimacy of heart .. spirit communion with the living presence of God who beats thine heart, who animates thine movements, who gives you his creative energies, who leads you upwards into valor and victory.
Always am I with you. The Universal Absoluteness has designed existence in this very way .. placing My Comforter Presence with each one.
Invite Me with sincerity and I shall quench thine thirst for truth and righteousness .. I shall grow thee into true worthiness by your adhering to My way and truth .. the values and virtues of the Third Person of Trinity .. and the revelation of the way to approach the Father’s Initiatory Life in you.

Michael Of Nebadon University Of Salvington