Thine Immersion

Verily, ye shall perfect thine imperfections by adhering to the Father’s Kingdom.

Be thou of kindly countenance and courage .. I am come to strengthen thine mind into righteousness, and to soften thine heart into our mutual reception of the Great Everywhereness of God.

Be thou overflowing with bravery .. as you wash clean the vain attempts to live in separation from the Father's Life.

When you are undergoing stress and struggling with the mind's intellectual tantrums .. Invite My Comforter of Truth .. be thou determined by your commands of constancy and commitment to have Me enter your personal consciousness.

I am a Creator Father Son who offers limitless joy to those who abide in My Way and Truth.

My Universal Sovereignty holds dominion over all circumstances and environments throughout the planetary worlds under My Sovereign Universal Care.

Understanding the necessary knowledge of Eternity shall give you great capacity to respond constructively to your life and its struggling circumstances.

I say .. pity not thine predicaments .. yet replace thine pitying countenance with purity of heart and the supreme piety of mind. Every circumstance and relationship event .. all dynamics regardless how confusingly painful .. these hold opportunities for you to advance your universe career towards light and life.

I bid thee power and clarity to walk within My Universal Sovereignty.

Michael Of Nebadon