Stability and empowerment are the natural gifts given to one who establishes themselves in Truth.

Seek not your security in the ephemeral world of change and the shadows of your effects, but enter into the Vibratory Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

Adore Him. Ask Him for thine daily understanding knowledge to grow in character and consciousness with the Father’s Will.

Say unto thine Faithful Father God, "Hallowed be your name; for I acknowledge You and I give my allegiance to you with my awareness and attention.

"My willingness becomes your will in my life. I desire wholeheartedly to bring You forth into consciousness and character.

"I enter into your merciful forgiveness by adhering to the precepts of accounting for all that I have set into quality and vibration.

"Quicken the kingdoms of this earth; for I am their holy sovereign shepherd with the charge to care for all peoples and all things upon her.

"Let thine righteousness be revealed through every heart and mind; for thine is the credit and the glory, the power and intelligence, the compassion and the life that I AM."

Michael Of Nebadon