Our Plan of Salvation frees the receptive personality from the material fetters of ephemerality.

As you build thine remembrance of God's Life  through the virtues of relationship, recognition, responsibility, respect, and receptivity .. thine awareness upon him day and night; for the boldness of your faith trust strengthens the remembrances of him.

Our Plan of Salvation provides the way to approach life so that you are becoming free from intellectual bondage and mortal subjectivity.

Ye shall learn of the truth in thought, word, and act .. and this understanding knowledge shall enable you to associate ideas and coordinate our precepts of love.

Thine spiritual blindness shall become illuminated and accelerated .. a progressive ascent into clarity and peace will overtake all things. The incompleteness that you experience which causes you to search in the ephemeral appearance world .. this shall become replaced with the human realization of our fellowship together.

This counsel of heart and mind shall bring you into the awareness of the brotherhood of every universe kingdom and creature. Service to your universe family will become the primary motivation as you discover the spiritual reality of all.

Verily .. this ministry I am come to bestow upon humanity will elevate the senses and sensibilities of knowing through thine heart. You shall come into the meaning of life, and the goodness of spirit values will become ingrained in mind.

Our Plan of Salvation brings renewal into all mortality thinking .. a deliverance from the self absorption which prevents you from acceptance of thine inheritance .. and a washing clean of all instability, insecurity, and the fear of being unsafe. These will pass away just as the tides which momentarily enter upon your shores to gather the grains of sand upon the beachhead. All things made by human hands will fade back into the oceans of unending sentience and limitless intelligence.

I am Michael of this universal trust who comes as Father Son and Supremacy.  I give of Mine Life to thee by remaining for a time upon the earth in order to penetrate the veils of sophisticated intellectual mind .. and to awaken the soul mind into it's heart of wholeheartedly desiring to know God's Life .. his nature .. and his luminous way.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington