Lo, Are Ye Moved by the Father's Initiatory Thought

Thought is!

Thought is thine creative endowment.  It moveth mountains.Thought .. that is to say .. the Father's Initiatory Thought and Life is the great Creative Urge of existence. It stirs the ethers.

Mortal thought is an offshoot of the Father's Initiatory Thought and Life. It too stirs the surroundings etherically. It is blueprint and template while intense Thought becomes feelings. Feelings and their human equivalents of emotions .. these do move vibration. They set activities into motion.

As you think with the intensity of will and desire and passion and confidence and faith trust .. so do ye stir the omnipotent omnipresence which holds all potentialities within it. Ye maketh a blueprint of that thought become filled with the Life through your feelings and emotions.

Thought Is!

All is of this Initiatory Creative Thought of the First and Only Parenthood of God. The Father thinketh in terms of that which cometh to pass; his Thought is manifest Spirit in nature and power and force. And it is Spirit which mattereth. Only Spirit mattereth.

Whatsoever ye perceive is as a mustard seed .. the smallest of remnants in Thought. Sometimes it sprouteth .. maybe it blossometh yet, through thine Will coupled with Thought and Feeling .. ye do breathe the Father's Life into your vision.

As you transfigure those unnecessary misqualified momentums of olden times .. of misappropriated visions .. so do ye arise beyond yourselves into a transcendence of Thought .. of Spirit. You usurp the mortality of thine nature .. replacing this with the grander vision. You expand and grow larger. Thine Thought becometh more empowered and enhanced. It fills itself with directives of feelings .. with motions towards manifestations.

As you arise upon your planetary home into gods and goddesses who are personalized and unique variations of the One Thought and Life, you gain wit, and leverage, even power cometh to ye as you are aligned with the Father's Initiatory Thought .. his Kingdom cometh to those who deliver themselves upon the altar of ascendancy. His Kingdom advances Itself as each personality soul broaden their outlook and weaves a divine tapestry upon their character and consciousness .. their countenance and collaboration with Us.

Think on these things which I lay before thee for the generations who are most certainly coming. They shall be stirred in their composure towards righteousness and respect .. responsibility and remembrance .. rectitude and recognition.

And these entrancements of mortal thought shall be as a power .. an intelligence .. and a ship .. which cuts through the stone hardness of thine intellectual ice which does float upon the living waters of the race consciousness. It shall carryeth thine mortal stature and status unto the living garment of immortality. Ye shall secure for thyselves thine Citizenship Universal.

Verily I tell thee of the Father.  He dwells now in heavenly mansions of Absoluteness and splendour. He looketh on all his creations .. his creatings. He arise the in the mornings without mist, and he beholdeth such creations. He saith to the galaxies, "Increase of thyself. Bring forth thine youthfulness and beauties."

Lo, are they moved into shape and size and quality. They are motivated by his command of Thought and Initiatory Life. And the galaxies .. the universes do shudder.

In this are ye created to be as the Universal Father. Only as the ye see the the One Father God Force and Intelligence deploying himself in the thee, then shall ye know and understand your position .. your place in tbe universes.

Now are ye walking with Me into Understanding Knowledge .. Courage and Conviction .. Collaboration and Convergence.

I say .. fasten thine wick upon the waxings of thy willingness and wholehearted renewal. Raise thyself beyond thine ephemeral upbringing, and ye shall know of Truth .. and this rightful understanding and Absoluteness of Ascendancy shall set thee free.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington