The Ventures of Your Victories

You are each venturing forth upon a course of growing thine character into alignment and righteousness .. as well as .. enhancing your mind into the thirst of the soul mind for truth .. objectivity .. love.

These two primary goals are accomplished as you apply rightly the endowment of your mind and it's will in their functions through personality.

Moral choosing is the natural outgrowth of a mind woven into the Universe Mother Spirit. Her consciousness and character is gifted to each personality mind for its ascent into Godhood.

...and a mind steadily focused upon the values of eternity shall become woven irrevocably with the Spirit of God who lives in you.

For this very reason .. choose thou wisely and with care; for you are either building an existence in the Kingdom of heaven or you are constructing a mote around thyself which insulates you from receiving of the Father's Spirit Life which seeks this eternalizing purpose and meaning .. this purity of its directives to spiritualize the intellect and its willing personality in preparation for universe service and God's expression.

Michael Of Nebadon