The Kingdom of Mercy

The Kingdom of the Heavenly Father is entered into through the gates of Universal Citizenship. The keeper of this gate is Mercy and Forgiveness .. while I tell thee .. the One who does tend to their own Godhood in rectitude and respect .. shall become made ready to enter therein.

It is a vast brotherhood and sisterhood which awaits you with the tender wisdoms of an understanding compassion,  a mercy that speaks indescribable sonnets of praise and honor .. honesty and heroism.

This Kingdom shows not its whereabouts in the mind of the world; yet it prospers the gentle child who seeks comfort in the early morning enigmas that arise. It beholds thine countenances with the ingredients of surrender and simplicity .. sacrifice of the lesser for the greater .. and sincerity abounds in the presence of this universal kingdom of immortal personage.

Michael Of Nebadon