The Heavenly Host

Ye shall learn the way of the Heavenly Ones who have gone  your way .. having also originated upon the evolutionary worlds .. and have stepped beyond these grades of learning through pleasure and pain.

I come once again .. as the very same Spirit Personality of Michael Of Nebadon.

I come to reveal the approach of ascendancy .. of progressive ascent of your personality life and soul into righteousness and honor as a citizen of the universes.

You shall develop in you a wholehearted devotion to Our values .. an unquestionable loyalty to these values of eternity.

Religious understanding shall prosper in your civilization as your race awakens into the values and virtues of Paradise.

Now .. are you beginning to live in accordance with the powers of free choice and will. Now are you ascribing to the pathways of God.

Thine selfhood mortal mind shall ascribe itself to the intriguing motivation of a heightening sensibility .. a discipleship of personality which tutors the mind and body towards self-examination and self-denial.

Thine mortality shall become raised into its design of refinement and regeneration shall become established in you.

This heightened discipleship brings better decisions and brighter bonding with Spirit. It is an all-encompassing elixir which quenches thine thirst and it is a divine salve which lessens your emotional conflict. It develops an exalted purpose for truly living .. and it is the answer to all searching.

Verily .. I beseech thee .. to enter more deeply and devotedly with the instruments of your awareness .. your consciousness .. your attentions. Make these instruments worthy of serving the illustrious gods and goddesses which are emerging in you .. and as You.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington