My Merciful Constitution and Forgiveness Fulfillment

The visionary capacity of faith and trust in the Father who is Spirit develops into the great gifts of intuition .. insight .. perception .. eternal perspective .. sensitivity to see and feel the spiritual reality with the opening eyes of faith and trust acknowledgement.

This faith-insight and spirit vision awakens the higher visionary capacities in you which allows you to know God .. to understand him a little more .. and to create an immaculate character similar to him.

The weaving of the Mother’s universal consciousness .. her mindal possibilities .. her power of thought and association .. her understanding powers .. and her natural knowledge for fellowship counsel .. these are the result of weaving your personal mind into her spiritual circuitry.

The endowment of developing in you this Infinite Mind which hails from Eternity .. in association with the Father's Thought and Spirit is a gift to humankind which is nurtured with your faith vision.

Spiritual purity and thine blossoming soul intelligence is the everlasting endowment of the Third Person of Infinity.  It is the Creative Spirit’s gift to human beings which propels the personality mind towards constructive constancy of conviction and confidence in communication with the Universal Spirit of God.

This developing inclination towards true relationship with the Infinite builds a heart and mind of courageous character and the divinely inspired qualities of consideration and constancy. It weaves in you the living tapestry of God's Eternal Light and Life.

Faith Vision of the Originating Father's Life grows your moral compass and compassionate consciousness. Thine decision-making prowess strengthens. It matures your ethical evaluation so much so that you are transformed into a creature alike to the Parenthood of Paradise.

This is the patterned demonstration of the Paradise Principles which you shall become as you venture forth to find God .. to know him initially in you .. and then .. in all others .. and to broaden your mind and heart unto everpresent association with the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Spirit Supremacy which is to be discovered as his everywhereness.

I come into human view to light thine way .. to heighten thine sensibilities for walking upright with dignity and pure desire.

I offer to those who have become weary from the limitations of their own mortality .. the clarifying elixirs of truth and mercy .. the profoundness of God depth and the breadth of purity in your purposes for life.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation