Grapes of Sweetness

Be not dismayed by the finite limitations of mind and heart .. be thou strong to concede that I live amongst thee for a time .. that I hold personhood as you do .. that I am Son of the Father Son .. and very much thine Father and Friend in this Universe.

The world as it is .. it is our universal vineyard .. that it's grapes of sweetness and succour do ripen with time and effort.

Be not troubled for the things of the earth that often grate upon thine thoughts and feelings. There are mansions prepared for thee in My Father’s House .. His Body of Supremacy.

Yet .. you are pressed at this time to arise into the governorship of thine evolutionary career.

It hath me pleased to come and offer the true miracles unto they who are without sight nor vision for their life. Even greater .. to make the deaf to hear truth .. and the blindsided to see truth and Justice .. in Our way to Grace and Forgiveness.

Vision is created and sustainable only by cultivating thine Virtues. And these Virtues are those qualities which perform for thee the setting into your life of Values.

Virtues and Values .. these are the components for Vision. Thine daily and momentary decisions which shape destiny are given their oxygen and breath through these three - Virtues .. Values .. Vision.

Verities then .. the truths of existence for you .. are the natural outcome of this threefold mix of Virtues .. Values .. Vision.

...and Verities are of Mine Comforter Being .. which invites you to stand tall .. to oxygenate thyself into breathing in the Highest of Sights well above the frick and fray .. the turbulence of the worldly minded. Ye must elevate thine mortal vision into My Vision beloveds .. then shall all Mercy shower you .. coming upon you .. and caressing you into your final achievement as an individualized and ascendant soul personality with eternal capacity and capabilities .. with a character raised beyond the threshold of vice and those erroneous inclinations of mind that make you feel like a victim to all of life's circumstances.

I come from the Central Core of Existence. I do hold My responsibility for ushering the personality of individuals into their highest grace of attainment .. personal religious experience through their reciprocal spiritual communion with the Father's Life in you.

I and the Universe Mother Spirit with the Planetary Host .. we offer you Our clear sightedness and Our approach to righteousness and rectitude of heart .. mind .. and soul personality.

Be thou of Our Goodly Cheer; for ye are stepping into My passageways which do lead all into their finest accomplishments.

Michael of Nebadon
University Of Salvington