The Attendance of Ascendancy

Allow thine acknowledgement of the One Nameless Parenthood to overwhelm the ephemeral senses.

Let wisdom become birthed in thee as ye behold the Lord God of thine very Life.

Give harmony the chance to swell in you it's gestures of eternity; for the order and symmetry of which I speak hath the propensity to elevate thine human character into the most purified desires .. and the cleanest most upright inclinations for truth which shall emerge.

A refinement cometh to those who give opportunities for Our universal harmony to swell in thine mortal womb with adorations of splendor in thine midst.

I come to offer the everlasting poultice of subtlety. To set humanity free by conquering themselves .. their subtle inveterate foes which preside in thought and feeling.

I come as agitator to thine falsehood .. and the meanings and purposes of avoiding truth shall quake with trepidations for they who seek to walk the grounds under Mine swollen feet.

Arise .. initiate thine tenderness .. invoke thine freedom to establish itself in thee. Look unto God thine Parenthood for all equations of eternity to become resolved in you. Be thou meek and lowly as ye reach for the Father’s kingdom of love.

In pious mirth and eptitudes of glorious honesty .. do I have need for your salvation to become attended to.

The Father's Initiatory Life condescends to tread upon the lowly ones .. even the more lofty personalities shall find their illumination within Our avenues of ascendancy.

I say unto thee .. verily doth ye have recourse for upset and unawareness.  Plentiful are the reasons to ignore Mine redeeming glances upon thine brow.

Yet I invoke thine attentions into our association so that ye are broadened with dignity and heightened in thy stature as My children. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon